See Pics Of Trump Curtsying To Saudis, Watch Right Wing Heads Explode Rationalizing

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Donald Trump has said a lot of bad things about the Saudis -- and Muslims in general.

And we all remember the famous Muslim Ban, which failed in court due to its stupidity. So of course, when Trump went to the House of Saud, he gave them some serious tough talk, and scared them straight...right?


The guy who wrote this on Twitter:

That guy was caught today doing this:

And this:

Yes, that's right. Donald J. Trump, the guy who told us everything was the Muslims' fault, celebrated his visit to Saudi Arabia by curtsying AND bowing before members of the royal family. And that's not all -- Trump also signed a giant deal to arm the Saudis with additional American weapons.

The media is calling this some kind of win, but there's no way #MAGA idiots are okay with this -- right?

After all, Trump spent the entire election talking about his Muslim Ban, and saying things like "Have you been watching how Saudi Arabia has been taunting our VERY dumb political leaders to protect them from ISIS." And "Saudi Arabia should fight their own wars, which they won't, or pay us an absolute fortune to protect them and their great wealth-$ trillion!." And he retweeted this: "Saudi Arabia are nothing but mouth pieces, bullies, cowards.

They have the money, but no guts."

Nevertheless, among Trump's supporters, reality means nothing. Here's how they have rationalized their alpha male turning into a spineless jellyfish in front of the Saudis:

Well, I guess a curtsy isn't a bow.

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