'Scream: The TV Series' Recap: 'Village of the Damned' season 2 episode 8, No One Leaves Unscathed

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A janitor threw a wrench in the Killer's plans on MTV's Scream: The TV Series. Now, they're even more determined to get back on the killing schedule in "Village of the Damned," the eighth episode of the second season.

It's time for the Lakewood Days Carnival. Noah encourages Audrey to tell Emma the truth. Brooke plans a massive prank with Stavo on the entire town.

The killer gets Emma to play a series of games at the Carnival with the prize being Kieran's life.

It's Lakewood's birthday and the citizens are celebrating with a carnival. Audrey wakes up with blood dripping onto her and message from the killer.

Noah encourages Audrey to tell Emma the truth so that the killer can't hold it over her head anymore. Zoe and Stavo are discussing the teacher's death and how it didn't look like the killer's MO.

Brooke is being pressured into making a speech at the carnival. The Sheriff digs into the teachers possessions and finds the tape recordings.

He hides the one from his son away before heading to check out the house that burned down. He finds the burned corpses.

Emma decides that she's going to tell the Sheriff the truth about the night before. He finds Eli suspicious and warns her about being more careful around boys she doesn't really know.

The Sheriff posts a guard on her. Eli seems a little jumpy as they leave the station.

The sheriff is putting Maggie back on the case. Brooke and Zoe are in the middle of speech lessons. Yes, it's as dull as it sounds Brooke learns a fact that makes her even more determined to loose.

The Sheriff listens to the tape of Stavo and hears a worrying piece of information. Emma tells Kieran what Eli told her about him. He gets upset and leaves before they can fully make up.

Audrey gets a call from the killer telling her not to say anything to anyone. She calls up Emma and asks her to go to the carnival with her. Brooke and Zoe are getting ready for their speeches and Zoe whips out some booze for them to share.

Noah surprises Zoe and they leave Brooke. She's not alone for long, though, because Stavo shows up. They get into a little tiff. He storms out and she hits the bottle again.

Eli shows up to confront Emma. Kieran shows up. He ends up laying into Eli before storming off.

Zoe and Noah are being sickeningly cute wandering around the carnival. Emma tells Audrey what the sheriff said about Eli. Audrey jumps to the conclusion that the killer is Eli. Brooke finishes the flask just into for her speech.

She lays down some thick truths before mic dropping her way out. Noah, Emma, and Audrey go to make sure she's okay.

Maggie IDs one of the burnt bodies as Seth Branson. The Sheriff finds a picture of Branson tied to a bed in Stavo's drawings. This is getting a little too close for comfort.

Brooke's dad comes for her. Instead of being his usual asshole self he takes her home. Emma wanders away from everyone when she gets a text from Kieran.

Only it's not Kieran but the killer. She rushes off to find him. The killer sends Audrey a video of where she's gone.

The police officer follows Emma into the attraction and gets knocked into a mirror by the killer. Emma finds the officer and grabs his gun. Just in time too, because the killer is coming towards her.

She shoots at them but it's only a reflection. However, the killer flees straight into a line of cops.

Turns out it wasn't really the killer but Kieran dressed up at the killer, duct tape over his mouth and keeping his fist closed around a knife.

Man, Emma was so close to killing her boyfriend. The life threatening situation has made Kieran want to tell the truth about his stepfather's death and the problem with Eli.

Audrey's feeling really guilty and fed up. She decides it's time to tell Emma the truth. Zoe and Noah go back to his place and start to get freaky when Audrey calls.

It makes Zoe pump the brakes on the situation. Brooke asks Stavo to stay the night with her. As Audrey goes to tell Emma, she walks in just as she finishes listening to the recording.

Scream: The TV Series pulls another tense episode as another boyfriend's life hung in the balance.

"Village of the Damned" shines a light on the town's silent acceptance to the strange happenings. Check out the MTV website for extras on the show and tune in Tuesday's at 10pm to find out who the killer really is.

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