'Scream: The TV Series' Recap: 'Vacancy' season 2 episode 3, Always Room for More

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Last week, MTV's "Scream: The TV Series" introduced quite a few new people. Now, we'll see what holes they try to fill or start to dig in the third episode of the second season, "Vacancy."

Emma's father has finally made his appearance, giving her even more emotional turmoil. Audrey may have found Jake's body but that doesn't mean that she'll allow Noah to find it when he comes to check out the storage locker.

Brooke becomes suspicious when her ex-lover, Branson, returns to to town. Kieran adjusts to his aunt and cousin moving in with him.

Just as Audrey is freaking out about Jake's corpse the killer calls her and warns her against calling the police. Instead, she just takes the message the killer had pinned to the body and rushes away from the storage locker.

Emma chooses to confide in Audrey about her father's return making her suspicious about the timing of his arrival.

Emma meets up with her father for breakfast. He apologizes for not returning earlier.

He also smoothly shifts some of the blame on her mother.

Audrey's warning about her father being damaged makes Emma observe him more carefully, noticing his fingers constantly drumming. When she asks why he left her, she doesn't get a satisfactory answer and leaves.

Audrey and Noah go to check the storage locker, despite Audrey's best to distract him. Of course it doesn't work but thankfully the body is gone.

What's not gone? The camera on the top of the wall that was probably left by the killer. Noah takes it, planning to watch the footage.

At the Lady of the Lake pageant, Brooke attracts the attention of Zoey, who's also participating. They start to bond over gossip love and father's until Brooke notices the sheriff's son in the audience. She warns him to leave.

Kieran and Emma are having a conversation with Eli hovering in the corner, listening to them.

It seems he and Kieran aren't getting along but Emma's see the chance to bond with someone else that has father issues and confront him about his introduction to her in the hallway.

Audrey is freaking, nothing she says will stop Noah from looking at what's on the camera. He pauses for a moment to call the desk boy and ask about who else knew about the storage locker.

Audrey gets so desperate that she picks up a book end intent on smashing it into the back of his head. Good thing the camera was erased by the killer.

Turns out Emma's father came from Riley Marra that have been telling him about that Emma needs him. Unfortunately, she forgot to mention that she's dead. Brooke gets a call from her ex-lover Branson.

He's still creepy as ever. She immediately goes to Audrey and Emma. Itquickly becomes the a spat between the other two girls when Audrey let's it drop about Emma's father.

When Emma goes to pick up her work schedule she runs into Eli and a telephone message from her father asking her to meet her at the sketchy motel. The poor desk boy goes to deliver a bottle of wine and a cork screw to a Mr.

Duval. One wine bottle to the head, a couple of stabs to the back, and a corkscrew to the throat we have one dead motel employee.

Maggie and father go to the cops about the emails, however he doesn't think they are anything to worry about. Maggie pushes him to agree into an investigation but it becomes one more secret she'll have to keep.

Audrey gets a call from the killer telling her to go to Crescent Falls motel. Noah runs into the Stavo in front of the movie theater, who warns him that he'll get hurt if he actually finds someone else.

Brooke and Zoey arrive at the movie theater. They run into Branson and Brooke decides to confront him. Still creepy.

He tells Brooke that he's the one who left the flowers on the car. She texts Jake that they're over and the killer responds.

Emma arrives at Crescent Falls. She heads up to the room that the killer's last victim stepped into.

No one answers the door when she knocks, so of course she goes right in. On the dresser are the same newspaper clippings that were the house by the farm. The light in the bathroom clicks on.

The killer calls Audrey to inform her of Emma's arrival to the motel. She panics and calls the police, asking them to send an officer over. Emma notices the light in the bathroom.

Just before she's about to grip the knob, a fight breaks out outside. She goes to check it out and decides to leave.

She's stopped by another fight, he drunken dad and bar security. Audrey rolls up to find Emma safe.

Emma confronts her father. He tells her he didn't send her the note and that he's already checked out of the motel. Emma catches that and realizes that he was going to leave again.

He confesses that the reason he left the first time was because he had hit her mother. Audrey steps in and the cops arrive.

Emma goes home. When Audrey gets to her car she finds that the killer has planted the murder weapon in her car and now her prints are on it.

"Scream: The TV Series," keeps casting a wide net on who the potential killer in "Vacancy." Keep watching, Monday's at 11pm, to find out if they'll ever inform the authorities that Jake is in fact dead or check out MTV's website for updates on upcoming episodes.