'Scream: The TV Series' Recap: 'In the Trenches' season 1 episode 7, Hide While You Seek

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Last week, MTV's "Scream: The TV Series" didn't go for the kill but left on a cliffhanger. One that will be putting Emma "In the Trenches" in the seventh episode of the first season.

The last seen had an injured Will being dragged away by our killer and Piper unable to help. The killer challenges Emma to a game of hide-and-seek with Will as the prize.

Don't worry, she doesn't go alone. Along for the hunt are Brooke, Noah and Jake. While they think they're the seekers they are also hiding from the killer.

Hours later, Piper wakes up. She hit her head hard when she fell, almost hard enough to knock some memories lose. Will's not doing to good.

He's been tied up in a frightening room. The killer comes in only to remind Will to be silent.

Maggie's preparing for a dinner date with the Sheirff and Emma asks why her dad left, since it had seemed like he'd gotten over the murders. She only says that he couldn't handle it.

Any more conversation is stopped by Kieran, who has come to pick up Emma for school. While making out with Kieran she gets text from Will. Noah is talking to Audrey.

He seems a little more skittish than usual around Audrey. They go over Noah's findings. Branson's videos have been removed and he's absent.

Brooke has a feeling something bad is happening. His dad came home grumpy late last night. Emma breaks in to ask if Jake or Brooke have seen Will.

Neither of them have seen him. Good thing Piper appears just in time to lead them back to the warehouse to tell them what happened last night. Jake is forced to come clean about his involvement.

There's a message written on the wall. Piper starts to get woozy from her concussion. Jake and Brooke escort her outside.

Leaving Emma alone just in time to get a phone call from the killer. They're going to play hide and seek, like Daisy and Brandon did. So her mother wasn't full truthful with her.

Emma goes to see Noah in order to try to track Will's phone. Noah's too suspicious for her to get anywhere without the truth. Brooke goes to confront her dead.

She tells him all she knows. He dismisses it and swears that he doesn't know where Will is. Back with Noah, they've finally found out where Will is. Brooke, Jake, Emma, and Noah all head out to save Will.

At the place, Emma gets a call from Kieran. He promises to cover for her with their parents. They split up into two parties.

Which we all know is the first mistake of any slasher film. Noah and Emma are checking out back.

Emma feels uncomfortable with the game change. Noah explains that he's trying to make it seem like she has power so he can take it all away.

Jake tells Brooke his theory that Noah is the killer. Of course he follows it up with a comment about how the killer could also be him. Even though he might not very smart like he claimed the killer had to be.

Dinner is awkward. Inside Noah and Emma find that they're inside a bowling alley. Brooke and Jake find the entrance and joins them inside. Suddenly, the place starts creak, like a lot.

They decide to split up again. Kieran offers to go pick up Emma so he won't have an alibi when the killer shows up. Noah and Emma hear some footsteps and go to investigate. Jake attempts to get into Brooke's pants.

She refuses him. Noah brings up his own suspicion against Jake. Who let's be really is the most suspicious person in this show. Turns out he also knows about Brooke's sex life.

Brooke and Jake split up a bit cause he has to pee. Noah and Emma decide to try and find the electrical. Alone, Brooke starts to hear something. She turns around to find the killer.

He doesn't go for the easy kill and allows her to run away. For now at least. Emma and Noah have finally found Will. Finding everyone and getting out alive is going to be harder than finding him, though.

It seems like Will may already be dead. Brooke is attracted to the sound of Emma trying to wake Will up. Audrey calls Noah. He tries to tell her what's going on but his phone breaks up.

Tears of life have aroused Will from the dead. Audrey goes to Emma's house, she confronted by the Sheriff and Maggie. Audrey magically knows where they are and tells them.

While Noah and Brooke give Will and Emma some time alone, they make a spear. Turns out Will was a pawn in the game. He's got B4 etched into his back. Brook and Noah are slowly starting to turn on each other.

She checks the B4 locker. Brandon James worked there. And there was a tape of her father's time at therapy. Cue creepy music. Emma decided that she has to go on alone.

She heads to the speaker room, where the creepy music was being played from. She swaps the tapes. Turns out Maggie had sex with Brandon James.

Maybe he is Emma's actual father. Brooke, Noah, and Will are arming themselves with weapons. The killer shows up at the door, Will holds it closed so Noah and Brooke can get out.

Brooke finds Jake, who's been stabbed. He scream and alerts Emma to where he is. She rushes over but the killer appears. She tries to run and thankfully the police burst in.

The killer runs. Noah reappears to lead them to a new exit. Kieran also shows up. He claims he heard the call and came to see if she was alright.

The Sheriff is grilling Emma about what happened. She want to put a security detail on her. She refuses. Kieran comes over to break up with Emma because she still has strong feelings for Will.

When he leaves, Emma gets a call from Will. He invites her over to watch a movie with him, even pulling out the mom card. She agrees.

At his work day, Aubrey asks Noah if they can go back to the bowling alley so she can shoot some videos. He refuses. Noah still thinks that Jake and Will could have set the whole thing up. When Emma reaches their destination she gets another call.

This time it's from the killer. It wasn't Will's mom that came home. Emma rushes towards Will and misses the trip wire. Will's dead.

"In the Trenches" a much more fast paced episode. The stakes were high from the beginning, then while distracted by one characters life in danger they threw them all in.

"Scream," is doing its best to take their slasher theme to the next level.

With only three episodes left in the season they'll need to get it even higher. Catch up on the season and see the next episode on Tuesday at 10pm.