'Scream: The TV Series' Recap: 'Pilot,' Season 1 Episode 1, Murder, Mystery and A Lot of Blood

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It's the premiere of MTV's new slasher thriller, "Scream: The TV Series." The "Pilot" doesn't hold back on the gore and the scares in the first episode of the first season.

With the sudden murder of high-school student, Nina Patterson, the town of Lakewood can't help but notice the similarities it has to a murder that occurred 20 years prior.

High-school students Emma Duvall, Audrey Jensen, Brooke Maddox, Noah Foster, Will Belmont, Seth Branson, Kieran Wilcox, and Jake Fitzgerald become intrigued by those similarities and began to look into the murders.

The show starts with a creepy rendition of "Dasiy." Two girls are being filmed while making out. The video is poster onto youtube and one of the girls, Audrey, stares at it upset. Nina made the video of them on purpose.

Nina goes home and gets ready for a swim, denying her partner in crime Tyler, any entrance. Nina starts to get texts and videos from Tyler that make appear that he's in her house. However, she can't find him.

The final text is that they should make a video that gets more views than the one she made with Audrey. Finally taking it as just a prank, Nina goes out to the Jacuzzi. She turns on the outside speakers nice and loud, so no one can hear her scream.

while seducing Tyler, she gets in. She gets a text "heads up" and Tyler's head is thrown into the water.

She runs out and tries to call the police but Siri messes up her request. She's slashed in the back and then slashed across the throat, pushed back into the pool.

Emma and Will are studying at her house. Will needs to get a good grade in math so he can continue playing basketball.

She invites him to stay for breakfast but he says he has to leave.

In the morning, she and her mother talk about the men in their lives before heading to school. At school, Audrey is being harassed about the movie.

Emma scolds her friends who all had a hand in making and distributing the piece that ended up on youtube. It's revealed that Emma and Audrey used to be friends.

In class they start to talk about the how thriller shows have taken over the tv.

One kid mention's some slasher films but Noah says that making a slasher film into a TV series is impossible. He explanation is a voice over for Nina's parents finding her in the pool.

The school have finally heard about Nina's death, they're in mandatory grief counseling. It's brought up that the news is spinning it like Brandon James is back. Emma gets upset about the mention of his name and leaves. Noah then informs the rest of the people with him about the Brandon James story.

He was in love with a girl but she was startled by his face, which was deformed. School jocks beat him up and from there he starts to kill.

It's ended when the girl meets him at the lake where the police shoot him in the head. That girl, is Emma's mother.

Emma and her crew are watching the police broadcast where they name Tyler as the suspect. The killer must have removed the head from the pool.

Brooke continues to plan a party for that night. Jake starts to make comments about Nina's body and it questioned about where he was on that night. He lets loose that he was with Will.

Emma doesn't pursue that interrogation as she spots Audrey. She invites her to Brooke's party.

Will questions Jake about files he has on his computer.

Will wants Jake to delete them because they could get into trouble because of whatever is on there. Brook goes to visit her teacher, who she is having an affair with.

Ready for the party, Emma comes down the stairs to a knock on her door. There is no one their when she looks through the peep hole. She opens the door to find a box addressed to Daisy.

She gives it to her mother but has to leave because Will has arrived. Her mother opens the card that says Emma looks like she did. Inside the box is a heart, still fresh.

The party is in full swing. Brooke's father is out getting laid. Will is worried about the scout coming to watch practice.

Audrey and Noah show up at the party to a less then a warm welcome. She takes a bottle of booze out the the pool. Seth arrives to the party on Brooke's invite. She wants to bang him.

Emma goes to find Audrey, who's filming at the pool. Audrey opens up to her about the girl she was kissing in the video.

Emma accepts her, no matter what her sexuality is. Noah is hanging at the food table and is approached by Riley. He's surprised to find that she's actually smart and that they share interests.

Emma's mom calls her police friend about the heart. She explains everything to him about her past. Even more, her worry that it's all going to happen again.

A group of them are discussing Nina's death and Seth brings up the fact that they're in the perfect slasher setting. Outside, Brooke drops hints and Emma connects the dots. Will had slept with Nina.

The light to the garage turns on and then off again. Brooke goes to investigate. She finds the door to one of the cars open.

All the lights go out as she pulls the keys out, and they're is a sound of a knife sharpening. Spooked she rushes to the door only to get caught by Will.

Suddenly the lights work again and everything is seemingly fine. Will threatens Brooke, about her meddling.

Emma wanders into the green house where she finds Seth. She starts to confide in him and he opens up a little bit to her. Emma kisses.

Noah, who had passed out at the party, wakes up in his underwear on a tiny dock in the middle of the lake. He starts to swim back.

Already freaked out it doesn't help that he hears a strange noise. He's then pulled under.

Will resurfaces and notably struggles to stay afloat. Seth jumps in to save him. The rest of the party comes out to laugh at him. Will notices the closeness between Seth and Emma.

Emma notices that Noah was caught on fishing line. Audrey comes and takes him away from the party.

Seth drops Emma off at home just as the officer, Seth's dad is walking out. At Audrey's house, she's talking about the party with her girl. Below them, the killer watches from the bushes.

The "Pilot" episode of "Scream: The TV Series" definitely has potential. MTV has gotten a lot better at producing engaging shows and they're putting there all into making you care for these horror-genre stereotype characters.

The show will be worth checking out for the rest of the season and hopefully it will only get better from here. Check out more about "Scream: The TV Series" on MTV's site.