'Scream: The TV Series' Recap: 'Let The Right One In' Season 2 Episode 7

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Secrets were revealed on MTV's "Scream: The Tv Series." The Lakewood 5 are going to need an extra hand in "Let the Right One In," the seventh episode of the second season.

With things between Emma and Kieran on rocky terms, Eli worms his way into her good graces. Noah and Zoe's growing relationship allows her to learn more about the Lakewood 5. Audrey and Brooke come face to face with the killer.

The episode opens up with a boy making breakfast by the time his parents get up he's already vanished. The sheriff arrives at Emma's house before she can leave for school. They confront her about the emails and the what happened last night.

She goes to confront Kieran and they end up fighting. Thankful that Noah was so understanding, Audrey takes him for coffee. At the shop they run into Zoe and Noah ends up going on study date with her.

The Sheriff checks out the old farmhouse. He finds a picture of Emma as a little girl. The face of the person she's with is scratched out.

He makes a phone call. Emma finally arrives at work and begins complaining to Eli. He drops a bomb about the way Kieran's mom and step father died.

Noah and Zoe drive up to the lake and start talking about their pasts. Noah calls out Zoe on a lie about why she was gone during the first wave of killing.

Turns out she was really in therapy. Brooke and Audrey go back to the room with Branson inside. The only things inside are the blindfolds and the watch.

Brooke gets a text from Branson telling her to meet him at the school. Audrey agrees to go with her. Zoe sees Audrey trying to call Noah and she hides his phone. Ms.

Lang catches up to Emma to apologize. The confrontation stresses her out enough to agree to dinner with Eli. Kieran sees them flirting.

Ms. Lang plays over recordings of her conversation with Emma. Seems she's a writer looking to cash in on the Lakewood 5's story.

Zoe and Noah dry up after them make-out session and Noah invites her over to his parent-less house. Means he's gotta gear up.

Ms. Lang gets a call from the killer, telling her that Branson is out in the hall waiting. She goes to check it out at first she only finds a wind up pig. She goes back into her office but the killer has ransacked it.

The killer chases her. She stumbles over Branson, who the killer finishes off when he kinds them. The killer catches Ms. Lang ans she runs up the stairs and tosses her over the railing.

Brooke and Audrey arrive at the school. Audrey convinces Brooke to let her go into the school first. The janitor finds Audrey first and shows her to the bodies.

Brooke comes in after them and starts freaking out. At Noah's house, Zoe asks Noah for some booze so he'll leave in order for her to listen to his audio clip of Audrey.

The one where she confesses about Piper. She emails it off to someone.

Emma and Eli go to a housing construction site. Noah and Zoe are just getting heated up when Aubrey bursts in.

She refuses to leave and Zoe goes first.

Eli is telling her all about how he loves to break into other people's homes so that he can pretend to be living their life. All awhile there are two bodies rotting in the tub.

Maggie and the Sheriff know a little more than they're letting on about the possible killer.

Noah and Aubrey come to the conclusion that the killer had some bigger plans for them but was interrupted. Emma and Eli are having a moment but rejects him when he leans in for a kiss.

Suddenly the house is aflame. They get out and Eli convinces her not to talk about it since he's already in trouble with the police.

"Scream: The TV Series" has taken another step forward to finding out the new identity of the killer.

"Let the Right One In" tested the Lakewood 5 again and some held up better than others. Check out more videos here and stay tuned Tuesday's at 10pm.

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