'Scream: The TV Series' Recap: 'Jeepers Creepers' season 2 episode 6, Audrey's Secret is Out

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Last week, MTV's "Scream: The TV Series," the killer dropped the curtain on the first act of their carnage. Now the second act is just heating up in 'Jeepers Creepers,' the sixth episode of the second season.

After Kieran's betrayal, Emma is uncertain which of her friends she can trust.

Noah shares with his theory that Audrey might have been Piper's accomplice after the message he found on her phone. While they look into that Brooke is doing some investigating of her own and getting closer to Stavo.

The killer sends Emma a good morning call.

He confronts her about not telling anyone else about his confrontation with her earlier. Kieran comes over to see her and his apology is acceptable enough that she tells him about the other day.

Emma goes to Noah because she finally believes him.

Despite his protest, she looks at his board where he's pinned Audrey as the prime suspect. Noah doesn't tell her any of the real evidence he found so Emma thinks he's just over thinking things.

Brooke shares her theory that Branson killed Jake with Emma. She tries to warn Brooke against digging deeper but she's determined to find out what happened. Luckily, the sheriff has just stopped by and reveals information about the murder.

Noah has been following Audrey but she catches him. He slips her back her phone before rushing off to meet up with Emma.

They decide to ask the motel desk clerk about the other girl he saw with piper and if he could identify her as Audrey.

Too bad he's been dead for a while, but now the killer has planned a convenient meet up in the woods.

Brooke goes to Stavo in order to get more information of the murder. While he's there he runs into Kieran.

He was called back to the police office to answer more questions.

The sheriff brings up his father though and Kieran leaves without giving him anything new. Stavo learns that Branson's alibi for the night Jake died was their psych teacher.

While going to buy a new phone, Audrey finds her own phone in her backpack.

While Emma and Noah are making plans about meeting up with Emma, Maggie comes in and says that they're not allowed to go out with the killer on the loose. Guess that means they're sneaking out.

Stavo confronts Audrey and shows her that he's creating a graphic novel version of the events. He then implies that he believes that she has something to do with the killings.

Brooke meets up with the psych teacher and tells her she was with Branson when Jake died. She tries to call him but he's already too busy on the phone with Brooke.

The mayor offers a random lady a job for a lot of money. Of course, Emma sneaks out but she doesn't arrive to the fair ground because of a sudden flat tire. She tries to call Noah but there's no service.

He stupidly decides to go in anyway. He realizes the creepiness of the situation and goes back to his car. Too bad the killer was waiting in his car.

Brooke meets Branson and chains him up with the promise of sex. She asks him about his faulty alibi.

He tells her that Jake was going to pay him to leave Brooke alone but he had never showed up and that Jake had a deal going with Brooke's father.

Kieran foolishly believes that Emma won't go to the fair and leaves after fixing her flat tire.

Stavo is in the middle of modeling himself in the killer's mask when Brooke comes in. Noah wakes up ties to one of the rides.

Audrey is tied to the ride as well, guess that proves that she's not the killer. He confesses to her about stealing her phone and they have a truth moment.

Emma arrives to the fair ground and starts to look for Noah. Jeez, why didn't she just take Kieran with her?! Noah can't stop from talking and tells Audrey about how he really felt about the kiss.

Audrey is about to finally come clean when they hear Emma. The whole kidnap was a fake out and Audry hadn't really gotten taken and she was the one who took Noah.

Audrey releases them. Emma has encountered the killer. She runs away...straight into Audrey and Noah.

They then turn around and run directly into Kieran. Apparently he knew not to trust Emma's word. It's now a run to a working car.

They all got out of there and Kieran plays the roll of understanding boyfriend. The killer has been using Emma's email to pretend to be Riley. Just as the Sheriff learns this, Kieran comes in to talk about Emma.

Audrey confesses that she was the one that brought Piper to town. She says it was for a documentary, however she doesn't seem to have been an associate in the killings. Noah believes her however his mic was still recording.

The killer does poor chained up Branson in by sawing his hand off and then cauterizing the wound.

"Scream" has created a delightful rift between the Lakewood 5 just as they should probably be sticking closer together.

With new revelations about old friends and new friends with creepy personality quirks it's no wonder they'll have to keep a close on on their own backs.

Find out who you can trust next Tuesday at 10pm and check out extra photos and videos on the MTV website.

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