'Scream: The TV Series' Recap: 'Hello, Emma' Season 1 Episode 2,

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Last week, MTV premiered new show "Scream: The TV Series." Tonight, "Hello, Emma" continues the mystery of the towns new serial killer.

Even with the clue from last episode, the murders have only just begun in the second episode of the first season.

Emma starts to get phone calls from the killer. While the death of Rachel Murray, only creates a bigger rift between Emma and Audrey.

Intrigued by the similarities of the new murder to what happened twenty years ago, Piper Shay begins a podcast to report on the new and old murders.

The video may have been removed but the comments remain. Rachel's obsessing over the comments, enough to start cutting.

Audrey calls her or at least she thinks it's Audrey but Rachel can't seem to find her.

Audrey lures her out to the balcony where Rachel finds a nose. The Killer pulls it over her head and throws her over the balcony.

Emma walks into school while listening to a "True Crime" podcast because they're covering Nina's murder. Brooke apologizes to Emma for withholding the information about Will cheating.

Emma tells Brooke and Riley about her phone call in an attempt to gauge if they've had similar phone calls. It doesn't seem like it.

Down at the police station, is being asked about his fixation on the Brandon James murders. Doesn't look like he's guilty of much other than being too nosey.

As he's leaving he bumps into Seth and thanks him for saving him. As part of the police force Seth's father is worried about it and tries to ask which jocks they were.

In the parking lot, Will and Jake are talking about what happened with Emma. Will seems to really regret the choice to sleep with Nina, should have thought of that before. He questions Luke about deleting the secret films they made of Nina without her knowing.

Jake assures him that they're gone, which is an obvious lie. Jake sees a trail of red and follows it to not another body but to his "Doosh" spray painted on his truck.

Audrey and Noah are looking at Nina's tribute when Piper Shay comes up to them to ask about who the real Nina was.

Audrey says something that would be incriminating but Noah keeps her from saying that Piper could quote her.

Turns out the red blood on Noah's head was paint from where he'd been trying to get back at Jake for the lake.

Will attempts to apologize to Emma but she's not really having it. Seth comes along and there's a brief testosterone battle that doesn't end until Emma breaks it up.

Will leaves and Emma tells Kieran that she doesn't really kiss people like she did last episode.

Emma tries to talk to Audrey again when they get a message on their phones of the man in the mask in front of Nina's floating dead body.

At the police station, the mayor is upset about the viral video. It's bringing all the Brandon James fanatics.

Emma's mom is there as well. The police officer reassures her that he's going to do everything he can in order to keep her safe. They get a call about a new body.

Noah and Riley are being cute nerd together some more. Riley asks him to go stargazing with her and he gets too flustered to give her a straight answer. In English, Noah busts out more of his slasher film knowledge. He believes that the killer thinks that if it's not documented it didn't happen.

Riley gets a text about a girl from the private school that killed herself. Audrey seems to understand immediately as she excuses herself to go use the bathroom.

Emma finds her later where she confirms that Rachel was found hanging from her ceiling fan.

Noah finds Audrey as she waits for her father to come pick her up to comfort her. Emma's feeling a little guilty over Rachel's death.

She tries to escape to the bathroom but the girls in there are talking about how the person responsible for the video is the new Nina.

At work Emma runs into Piper. She brings up that Emma's father is the sole survivor of the Brandon James murders.

Emma's taking the trash out in a dark creepy alley, never a good idea. She spots a man laying on the ground and starts to go towards him. The door back to the store closes on her.

She looks back and the man is gone. Officially spooked she picks up a board.

Turning back she see a figure in all black coming towards her. She runs out of the alley, only to be startled by Will who came because of a text Emma sent him.

Emma didn't send the text to Will but he doesn't think it's a big deal. He tries again to apologize for sleeping with Nina.

Emma fires back that she made out with Kieran. Will takes it well and asks her to come to his game as a sign that she's willing to try their relationship again.

Emma goes to visit her mother who's examining Rachel at the time. She comes clean about being there when the video was filmed.

Audrey watches a video memoir of Rachel. After the examination, her mother realizes that Rachel was killed. She feels relived if only because it means that Emma will have less to feel guilty about.

Emma and Brooke show up to the basketball game. Brooke gets sidetracked by the lit teacher. Audrey and Noah are also at the game, to film shots.

Noah gets a text from Riley saying that stargazing is a go. Audrey arrives to the gym just in time for the moment of silence for Nina and Rachel.

Outside, Noah's realizing that Riley isn't there. The lights go off and Riley appears behind him.

Brooke seduces the teacher with positive notes. Kieran shows up at the game. Emma tells him about what happened at the shop.

Kieran convinces her that Will was behind the whole thing. Outside, Riley and Noah are talking about romance in action and horror movies. The conversation ends with a little make-out of their own.

After winning the game, Will comes over to Emma. Driven by adrenaline and jealousy Will kisses her. Emma doesn't reject the kiss but leaves right after.

Emma runs into Audrey again and this time she is taking full responsibility for the video. Emma's home alone when the alarm goes off signaling that someone's gotten inside.

Emma gets a phone call from the security company. She asks the man to stay on the line with her. He agrees and starts to ask her a series of questions in distraction.

When she goes to lock the window the man on the phone asks her if she locked him in or at.

She threatens to call the police but he tells her that unless she continues talking to him than she'll be okay. He wants to show her the truth.

"Hello, Emma" was another thrilling episode. The characters roles are taking hold and no one is free from suspicion. It's doing well for what one of their own said was the impossible, turning a slasher into a series.

"Scream: The TV Series" will have you guessing at who the killer is forever.

Hopefully, the manage to always keep the suspense and not get too boring with the 'who is it now?' theme. Keep watching Tuesdays at 10pm and visit the main page for more information.