'Scream: The TV Series' Recap: 'Exposed' Season 1 Episode 5, Airing Out Your Dirty Laundry

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While there was no death toll in MTV's "Scream: The TV Series," last week but poor Emma will have to deal with part of her private life being out in the open in Exposed, the fifth episode of the first season.

After the scandalous video leak, Emma learns a heartbreaking secret. Noah and Audrey investigate the video leak to try and pin where it came from. Brooke's guilt is getting to be too much for her and she'll have somethings to get off her chest.

Jake and Will have a falling out. Kieran and Mr. Branson might not be as trustworthy as they seem.

High school students can be cruel and Emma is experiencing it firsthand after the whole school has seen the video of her first time. Audrey is still on her side though.

Will comes to try to talk to Emma about the video. She blames him but he denies having any knowledge of the video.

In class, Mr. Branson thinks they should continue with the curriculum.

Too bad his topic of choice is The Scarlet Letter. The kids in class start to snicker and Will snaps at them. Emma keeps her cool and just reminds the class of the memorial later tonight.

The mayor has had Sheriff Hudson replaced with a state detective. The detective and Hudson seem to have an intense chemistry.

They had some kind of relationship that didn't end well for either of them.

This is reinforced at the candlelight vigilance when she threatens him with past knowledge she has on him. She then asks Emma to come talk to her the next morning.

Emma tells Kieran that she's going to go to the police and put an end to this. When she's in the middle of talking about Riley, her phone catches her eye. It's a shot of her from the crowd.

She's unable to continue and Noah takes over for her. She thinks she spots the mask in the crowd. She goes after it but it's gone.

With her mother's life on the line, Emma lies to the detective about her knowledge of the killer. This detective is sharp. She's caught on about all the little things that others haven't been able to put together.

Brooke and Jake are meeting in a cafe. She wants to tell Emma about what really happened with the video. He's against it but doesn't put up much of a fight when Emma overhears their conversation.

Noah's been doing some hacking. He found that attached to their language arts homework is some malware that allows someone to hack into anyone's phone or video.

Brooke is telling Emma the truth about why Will started to date her. It was only a bet from Nina. This revelation has brought Emma closer to trusting the Killer.

The Mayor is meeting Will and Jake about the ransom. Only he doesn't know he's being played by two high school boys. A person wearing a mask meets him in a car in an abandoned garage.

It's only 10,000 which upsets the masked person so he roughs him about a bit.

The mayor says he'll only give the money if he knows the video will be deleted. The masked person seems to agree with that because he let's the mayor go.

Will is upset at Jake for beating the mayor up. He pulls out of the deal which doesn't make Jake very happy. Hope he's not the killer or you're next, Will.

Upset, Emma runs into Piper who comforts her with booze. Yes, get impaired when a psychopath is after you.

Emma than turns the tables around asking Piper what her "story" is. Her father was mysteriously murdered and no one tried to find out why...hope it wasn't Brandon James.

Will comes up to Emma and she blows up at him. Their relationship is certainly caput, even if he does admit to loving her. Emma ends all ties with Will.

Brooke has just found out that her mother is not where she thought she was. Instead of Milan, she's in rehab and they won't be able to get in touch with her for a month.

Upset about Emma, Will confronts Brooke and Jake. He and Jake end up fighting until Mr. Branson comes out to stop them. In gym, they are practicing self defense.

Audrey demonstrates that she doesn't need any help by kicking Will's ass. Kieran catches Emma coming out of the class.

He pins her to the wall and she's more okay with it than she would have been. Though, the kiss seems to be more to tick off Will.

Audrey and Noah go snooping in Mr. Branson's computer.

They find that Tyler and Riley has access to his computer, which puts him high on the potential killer list.

They try to cover their tracks when Branson comes in but he probably didn't buy their excuse. Emma gets a call from the killer, he's happy with her character development so far.

Sheriff Hudson comes clean to EM about Lauren. She brought out a side of him he didn't like, a side that included some kind of pills. He reassures her that he's all in for their relationship, confirming it with a kiss. oh lala.

Brooke seems to be home alone. Jake stops by with a pizza, he's doing some hard core courting.

He must want something. And he does, he tells Brooke about the blackmail material except he pins it all on Will. Too bad for Will that the mayor is watching and listening in on the whole thing.

The detective has gotten into Nina's laptop. There most be a lot off juicy information because suddenly she's not surprised about the girl's death.

Jake has convinced Brooke to watch the blackmail video of her father. It's of him unloading a body from her trunk. The time stamp is the day after Brooke's mom left.

Kieran has taken Emma out into the middle of a field. He's being creepy talking about late night creepier scenarios. Then he whips out a gun. Good thing it's only to teach her how to shoot and possibly give her the gun as protection.

She refuses but he's finally won over her trust. Kieran's gonna die, he's challenging the killer too much talking about how he's gonna lose and they're gonna win. Although they are winning in the getting laid department. Bow Chick Whoa.

"Exposed" got the wheels turning again from last episodes mourning phase.

Alliances between the main characters are starting to shift, leaving some open as perfect targets for the killer.

It the assumed guess on who the killer is correct? Or is it like all other mysteries where if they've figured it out relatively early is guaranteed to be wrong? Just have to stay tuned to find out the answer to that one.