'Scream: The TV Series' Recap: 'Dawn of the Dead' season 2 episode 5, The Dead Always Rise

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Last week on MTV's "Scream," the Lakewood Six officially became five, now it's time to mourn. Always remember no one is safe in "Dawn of the Dead," the fifth episode of the second season.

After Jake's body tumbled from the ceiling, the high school goes into lockdown. This gives Brooke, Emma, Kieran, and Noah to go through the shock of their friend's death.

Their thoughts circle back to a year ago and whether history has begun to repeat itself. Audrey tries to figure out more about the killer.

The police have arrived to the scene of the crime, a locked down school. Brooke has been forced to stay behind on stage covered in blood and standing close to Jake's body.

The sheriff is sitting down with each of the Lakewood 5 to question them about the murder.

Most of the kids have been regulated to the library. Except for Audrey and Brooke in the showers where Audrey decides to antagonize the killer from Brooke's phone.

In the Library, Emma gets a call to a phone that's not hers. Eli creeps on her through the shelves. Emma shows Kieran that Jake's phone has ended up in her possession.

Haliey Meyers or movie theater girl gets called in to talk to the Sheriff.

Audrey gets in on the phone situation and advises against giving the phone to the cops. Noah tries to talk to Zoey again which means more horror movie theory and creepy flirting.

Kieran's got a gun in his locker that he tries to get to before the cops when they learn they're searching lockers. The deputy catches him, though.

He's brought to the Sheriff who doesn't thing Kieran is the killer. However, he wants Kieran to get some answers for him. Eli gives his own advice to Emma, ditch the phone so it's not connected to her anymore.

Noah, who had gone with Kieran, is now trying to get back in the library while avoiding any cops. Oh, Kieran ratted out Emma and in front of all her peers she has to hand over Jake's phone.

The Sheriff asks some very pointed question about Emma's mental health that makes it seem like he doesn't believe anything she's saying. If anything he seems to think she's responsible.

Emma can't handle all the whispers and goes to confront movie theater girl. Haliey says some rude stuff about Emma and her family that causes Emma to slap her face.

Acceptable but not very helpful to Emma's 'I'm Sane!' case. Brooke believes that Branson is the person who

Creepy Psych teacher gets Emma out of the library but locks her in another room...alone. Noah finally gets another way into the library.

Brooke goes to visit Jake's body. Maggie is still there and she relays Jake's day of death.

Emma gets a phone call from the killer who pops up outside of the room. Man it's a good thing she's locked in...or not. She smashes the window with a chair but dang this killer is coming for her sanity.

For that release of information, Maggie gets thrown off the case and the school. Audrey is convinced that Stavo is the killer.

She goes to confront him but things get out of control and Stavo gets beaten up. The Sheriff finds out about Jake and the mayor's deal.

Emma doesn't tell the cops that the killer payed her a visit. She rejects Kieran's apology. Noah steals Audrey's phone when she tries to apologize to Stavo.

He to rejects it. In his car, Noah looks through Audrey's phone and finds the video the killer sent her of Audrey with Jake's body.

Scream: The TV Series keeps doing mourning episodes well. "Dawn of the Dead" explored everyones' fears and hopelessness in the wake of their friend's death.

Some more than others. Keep watching, now Tuesdays at 10pm, for more clues about the masked killer.

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