'Scream: The TV Series' Recap: 'The Dance' Season 1 Episode 9,

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There was no real kill last week on MTV's "Scream." But a huge step was taking in figuring out the identity of the killer.

Now that there's a thread it's time to start pulling. That thread might just lead to "The Dance," the ninth episode of the first season.

Mr. Branson is being held responsible for the recent murders. Emma doesn't believe he's the actual killer.

She decides to team up with Piper in order to investigate more. Brooke also doesn't believe that Branson is the killer, since the cameras are still active.

Which makes Noah start second guessing as well. The Halloween dance is here and there's no more perfect a time for answers.

Someone has snuck into the evidence room at the police station in order to retrieve the mask. Piper is asking all the right questions in her podcast.

Brooke is questioning Branson's motives, because of their past relationship. It's halloween time but there's going to be a curfew and the dance is being turned into a charity.

Piper is concerned about the dance. She knows it'll be the perfect place for the killer to strike again. Brooke is staying with Jake now.

They compare battle wounds and Jake put the moves on but doesn't follow through. Perhaps it's because he has true feelings for her. Maggie has taken the steps to see if Branson is the actual killer via DNA test.

Emma talks her mom into letting her meet with Branson. She's coming at him real harsh and he's not living up to her expectations.

She needs answers and to vent her frustrations so bad that she doesn't accept that he's not the killer yet. Brooke is trying to take a shower but her computer camera comes on and starts recording.

Emma spills all to Noah and Audrey. Audrey is more skeptical than Noah. Piper comes in a scares them off, so that she can talk to Emma. Piper has found Brandon James mother but couldn't get any further information on him.

Emma decides that she might be able to get through to her. Well, she remembers Daisy and confuses Emma for her mother. She blames Daisy for her son's death.

She starts singing "Daisy" and brings up Brandon James's son. She can't seem to remember his name though.

They toss out the name Seth and the old lady with obvious memory problems accepts that as his name. But if the killer planned on framing Branson, of course he'd start using his name.

Which is apparently enough for Emma. Kieran's being creepy again, waiting for Emma to get home. Waiting for the chance to rekindle their romance by asking her to the Halloween party.

Would be real gross if her was actually her brother. Audrey is looking into Rachel's death. She believes that Rachel caught something on tape that wasn't part of the plan.

Brooke confronts Jake about someone watching her via her computer. They fight and Brooke goes off to be by herself.

Alone in her own home, did she not learn anything from past murders? After comparing the burner phone to Emma's calls, he pings a possible place of residence for the killer.

So, of course he goes to investigate it by himself.

He finds a laptop that's showing footage from all the secret cameras. Then he gets taken out by the killer.

Brooke is throwing a party, even more perfect place for the killer. As Audrey and Noah go through Rachel's old footage they find some with Nina and Kieran together, looking quite cozy. So, how new is the new kid, actually?

Jake is sitting in his truck at the Halloween dance but he's also checking in on Nina via the spy network. Emma arrives at the party and runs into Jake.

She tells him about Brooke's after party. Audrey's very suspicious about Kieran but Noah is a little more cautious about accusing him right away.

Maggie is starting to really worry about the Sheriff. Kieran offers to call him and Audrey takes the opportunity to inform Emma about Kieran.

But she won't believe it.

She's too stuck on Branson being the killer because it makes her feel like life can be normal again. Emma runs her big mouth to Kieran, so if he actually is the killer Audrey is dead.

Kieran tells her that he was only helping Nina home that night. Now, Emma's suddenly believing Audrey, even though she blew her theory off at first.

But she still doesn't want to admit he could be the killer. Audrey's making her way to Brooke's party to get hammered. Jake is trying to get Brooke jealous by bringing another girl to her party.

Piper shows up at the dance. She had went back to James mother. This time she brought a year book.

She picked Kieran out as the person who visited her. Suddenly, the lights go out so that a live feed projection of the Sheriff tied to a tree.

The final scene is of a gruesome murder of a police man. Branson is free.

"The Dance," prepped the show for it's finale. The dots are slowly starting to connect.

It's time to see who's gonna last and who's under the mask. There's only one more episode left in "Scream's" first season. Check out more and "Scream" is on Tuesday at 10pm.