'Scream: The TV Series' Recap: 'Aftermath' Season 1 Episode 4, Loss is Hard

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The event of the last episode left a scorching impact on Lakewood. MTV's "Scream" doesn't shy away from dealing with the effects in "Aftermath," the fourth episode of the first season.

Riley's body being moved to the coroner and the police are examining the burnt remains of Tyler's car. Emma receives a mysterious package that sends her and Audrey searching for clues.

Noah is taking Riley's death hard but not as hard as Brooke. Will and Jake are back to their old tricks.

Riley's death has hit Lakewood a lot harder than Nina's. Probably because Nina was a grade A mean girl, the opposite of Riley. Emma is being comforted by her mother. Noah is yelling at police officers for allowing Riley to wander out of their sights.

They also let Brooke get away, so the Lakewood police seem to be a little incompetent. Sheriff Hudson is baring a lot of the guilt, even if Emma's mom is trying to convince him he's not at fault.

Hudson also believes that Tyler was the killer and that he was blown up with his car. So case closed, in his eyes anyway.

Low and behold, the Mayor is Brooke's father. Smells like an interesting plot point, no? He's called for a Town Hall meeting so that Hudson can announce that the case is closed and everyone is safe.

Emma and Audrey believe otherwise. The motive doesn't line-up, especially for Rachel, who Tyler didn't even really know. And how would he know about Emma's family history, as even she doesn't know most of it.

There's a good amount of exploration in the effect that Riley's death had on each person. Especially Brooke, who is taking the news the hardest out of all of them.

She believes, more so than anyone, that if she hadn't slipped away for a booty call that never showed than she could have helped to keep Riley safe.

On top of that, Brooke gets a text about an online poll that's asking people to vote on who should die next.

Which why are people of the town actually voting when they know this person will most likely end up dead? The person is first place is Brooke.

Emma is given more hints to her family's past in the form of the 1994 Lakewood High yearbook or more accurately the year Brandon James plagued the town. The yearbook has all of Brandon James' victims cut out and Emma's dad's face is scratched out.

The killer was also nice enough to give her a clue on where to look next, "The truth lies where the mask was made." Emma takes the book to Audrey and Noah immediately.

They decide that they'll go check out the hospital that Brandon James' mask was made at. The hospital that's been closed for almost 10 years.

At the hospital, the trio find the dead pig whose heart was probably sent to Emma's mom back in the first episode. There's a souvenir from each of the killer's kills, including Nina's computer. The computer has files on potential suspects. They start to download the information on an SD card.

Why not just take the whole thing with them? When it's done, they start to leave but not before taking a Brandon James mask. Only to find the mask was covering Tyler's decapitated head.

Guess the killer was ready to let that cat out of the bag. The trio head out of the hospital only to find Sheriff Hudson waiting for them outside.

Will and Jake are back on their fast cash grab. Apparently, they'd been helping Tyler and Nina blackmail someone with an incriminating video.

The videos are on Nina's computer, though. Except, Jake has some backed up because he never deleted everything like Will told him to in the first place. They end up blackmailing the Mayor for $100,000.

He had gotten an anonymous tip about their location. He's upset that they didn't bring the book to the police right away. Emma counters that with the point that last time she did they failed to protect Riley. This also means that the Sheriff has made another mistake by closing the case.

After they leave the station, Noah and Riley attempt to look at the SD card. Only there isn't much information on it.

Just a video of Emma's first time being intimate with Will. The video automatically uploaded and spread around town.

For the first time since "Scream" started, everyone made it out of the episode alive. "Aftermath" did a good job on focusing on how each person mourns and will probably be the only time the show will be able to incorporate such an episode.

A slasher won't go anywhere if after every death there's an episode just dedicated to mourning. More information was revealed, though nothing really about the killer. Tune in on Tuesday at 10pm to find out more.