'Scream Queens' Recap: 'Handidates,' Season 2 Episode 3

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This week, FOX's "Scream Queens" promises to be full of sleuthing as they work with the previous killer to unmask the current one. More answers are revealed about the donated hand in "Handidates," the third episode of the second season.

Hester's been moved into the hospital, as she requested, and is now ready to tell them Munsch, Denise, and the Chanels what she knows about the new killer. The sole survivor of the Halloween massacre answers some questions for them as well.

Chad becomes more suspicious of Brock that makes him believe he could be the killer. Chad makes Chanel a surprising offer. The patient with the incurable illness of the week brings #3 and Cassidy closer.

Chanel immediately accuses #5 of killing Tyler. Munsch walks in before they can stash the body. Luckily, she doesn't want a scandal. To dispose of the body, they dump it in the swamp. Cause it that worked last time.

Randy isn't startled by loud noises anymore so he comes out of his room. The killer's waiting in the elevator. Thinking it's a test, Randy doesn't run away.

Needless to say, he's dead. Munsch and Chanel go to visit Hester, they don't want to release her so she makes a more outlandish demands. Chad texts Munsch claiming to know who the killer is.

Chad names Brock as the killer. The doctor reassures Munsch and Chanel that his hand doesn't have a mind of its own. Chad declares that Chanel dump him and get back with him. She rejects both suitors because she's a strong woman and can choose who she wants to date for herself. Munsch's solution is to remove Brock's killer hand and attach a new one. The patient of the week is a yoga teacher who keeps having orgasms or PGAT. The prescribed is a bunch of anti-depressants. Later, #3 and Cassidy are alone. She confides in him that she's never had an orgasm. She didn't even know what they were. In return, Cassidy tells her that he's a walking corpse. Well, more like he thinks he died after he woke up with throw up on his face the morning after a wild kegger. He thinks he hasn't moved on so he can help #3 feel alive again.

#5 and Zayday are in the middle of game of scrabble. She gets a clue from Chanel's ranting about Esrun moisturizer. Ensrun is Nurse backwards.Chad ambushes Brock in the showers again. He's brought him all the applicant's for the new hand donor.

Munsch, Zayday, the Chanels, and Denise go to check out the potential clue Hester's left them. They go to the owner of Esrun.

He was at the Halloween Party. He didn't get killed because he was taking a large dump as He believes that the killer is the pregnant wife or her child.

Denise doesn't buy it. The wife would have already gotten her revenge when the last killings happen. Munsch agrees. She thinks that the child, who was a boy, is responsible.

Which makes most of the men working in the hospital suspects. She rushes to stop Chad from performing the surgery on Brock. Chad is now her prime suspect. Brock threatens Chad's life after they have

The anti-depressants have a negative effect on the patient. #3 and Cassidy attempt to learn more about what's happened to her by recreating the pose. Surprisingly, it works. The patient has just hurt her back. Chad calls Chanel to the park to go for a walk.

He tells her he's in love and asks her to have her lawyers look over a pre-nup. Chad's way of proposing marriage.

Brock is lurking in the background. Cassidy and #3 celebrate a successful operation with a sex. #3 can't go through with it though.

Chad calls Brock in to ask him to be his best man to keep him from leaving Chanel at the alter. He agrees. Chanel shows off her engagement ring. She asks Zayday and #3 to be bridesmaids and #5 to be the ring barrier.

The wedding is set for the next day. Zayday and Chamberlin are escorting the patient out.

The killer shows up and does an impressive hatchet toss that cuts her head right off. The killer slashes Chamberlin in the chest but when it goes for Zayday she stands up to them. They flee without harming her.

Hester is being moved to the basement of the hospital. Denise and Zayday are there to welcome her. They demand to know who the killer is before he kills again. She just laughs because they're too late.

The wedding is happening at the hospital. Smart move that is. Chad doesn't show up. He's sure got literal cold feet now as his body fell through the ceiling.

"Handidates" brings comes with a side of romance with a newly budding relationship. Hopefully, he's not one of the killer's targets. "Scream Queens" is on at 9pm every Tuesday. Check out sneak peeks of next week's episode here.

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