'Scream Queens' Recap: 'Halloween Blues,' Season 2 Episode 4

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Last week, FOX's "Scream Queens" killed off Chad Radwell and the killer is only getting started.

Halloween massacres are a tradition at the hospital and this year will be no different in "Halloween Blues," the fourth episode of the second season.

Still reeling from the latest murder, Chanel tries to reach Chad beyond the grave.

Hester, Denise, and Munsch plan a Halloween party at the hospital in order to draw the Green Meanie out. An outbreak leaves on Brock and Cassidy able to help and the killer claim another victim.

Chanel is grieving so hard for Chad that she changed into her Jackie Kennedy halloween costume. Munsch is worried about his death getting out before they're able keep a patient alive after curing them. Denise kicks everyone out saying that she's investigating but really she's wanted to mourn alone. She promises to find his killer while dressed up as Mrs.

Chad Radwell. Changed, Denise escorts Munsch to see Hester in the basement. She advises them to throw a Halloween party in order to lure the killer out. Hester demands to go to party, which is immediately shot down.

Chad's lawyer is there to read his will. He's left all his money, which is also all the Radwell's fortune, to go to Munsch and the CURE institute. Upset by the news, Chanel attacks the lawyer. She finds the whole thing fishy.

Chanel's decided that this chanel-o-ween she'll be giving her fans gifts that demonstrate how much she hates them. After handling all those highly diseased body parts, she gets a viral infection.

She sees Brock about it who implies that he's the one who killed Chad. He gives her some medicine that ends up turning her skin blue.

Denise is setting up for the party, alone, when all the lights go out. She goes to investigate and is attacked by the Green Meanie. Like Munsch, she puts up enough of a fight that the killer is forced to flee. It's the final straw for her that she agrees to allow Hester to come to the party as long as she dresses up as Jason.

She even gives her an axe to complete the look. Chanel is on a rampage.

She accuses Denise of killing Chad. She redirects Chanel's suspicion to Munsch. They decide to try to contact Chad from beyond the grave in order to get the answer to their questions.

Chanel bursts into Munsch's office to find Brock lounging on her lap. She blames him for the color of his skin and the murder of Chad. Munsch gives him an alibi by telling her that they were having sex. Chanel wants to leave the hospital.

While she's storming out she runs into someone dresses as Ivanka Trump. They try to kill Chanel but she gets away.

Under the mask is Hester, however everyone now thinks #5 is the killer because the costume was her's. They advise her not to show face at the party.

It's Halloween night and the party is in full swing. Ivanka Trump shows up again but when they call her out as #5, the real #5 shows up dressed as Ivana Trump. Before they can figure out who the masked person is the hospital is flushed with patients.

They're all suffering from severe psychosis from being poisoned while bobbing for apples. Denise and Chanel are conta Before Chad can tell them who killed him Zayday rushes in.

#5 is wandering around alone when she runs into Ivanka. She's going to kill #5 but the Green Meanie sneaks up and stabs #5 in the back.

The only girl not effected at the party, tell them she saw a man in a green costume switch out the apple bobbing water. Zayday discovers that the patients are meant to create a distraction. #5 calls for help are heard by Denise.

She goes to check it out. The Green Meanie is there waiting. He ends up electrocuting Denise.

"Halloween Blues" was a suspenseful episode of "Scream Queens." When anyone could be next there's always a surprise around every corner.

Keep watching Tuesdays at 9pm to find out who this new masked killer is and check out extra clips here.

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