Scariest Chainsaw Prank Got Way Too Real

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It doesn't seem like Reddit users will ever stop from bringing us some of the craziest and funniest videos online. The most recent one is a little insane but ends up being pretty hilarious.

(Video Below)

The video below was posted to the Mossess YouTube Channel and shows why should probably want to watch where you fall asleep. Also, lock your doors for crying out loud.

There is a dash cam setup on a sleeping man in the front seat of a vehicle. Another man on the outside nervously stares at the camera and gingerly opens the door of the car.

Out of nowhere he pulls out a chainsaw and at first viewers can't be sure if this is going to end wrong at all.

The man could have turned the chainsaw with the chain attached without the intentions of harming his friend. However, what if his friend freaks out and his hands go wild and there is a bloody "Final Destination"-like accident?

Well rest assure, there was no chain on the saw and to add even more brutality to the prank, the man even put the chainsaw against his friend who bolted out of the vehicle.

It was completely hilarious and a bit confusing at first. Check out the insane prank below.

Watch the insane Chainsaw Prank below.