Scared of Flying? How to Relax and Fly Like a Pro

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Flying is often one of the most stressful things we do when we travel. It isn’t just the nature of flying itself - humanity is still not exactly used to being extraordinarily high in the air considering our biology.

But even beyond the most primal instincts and uneasiness about being in the air, there are a lot of human-driven stresses about flying: security, scheduling, packing & weight restrictions, and of course who to fly with.

To start off, security is something that is self-explanatory - you don’t have to be a criminal to find the line through security inducing both anxiety and a general sense of frustration. Particularly, if you are find yourself in a larger airport. Simply make sure that you’ve dressed yourself for both comfort and style (no one is asking you to wear your Sunday best but avoid looking like you dressed yourself in the dark).

This way, you won’t be the person holding up the line and won’t be uncomfortable waiting either. Also, make sure to have all your documentation ready for the security officer waiting to verify your flight and personal information.

This means that you should have chosen an outfit or accessories that allow you to keep these important items both safe and accessible to you.

Scheduling is something that happens in the very beginning but, too often, we don’t put enough forethought into our ticket purchases. The more convenient the flight times, the busier the airports and flights themselves will be. You will have to anticipate this.

Also, make sure you pay attention to the gate possibilities at your airport. There is nothing worse than knowing that the tram ride to your next gate will take longer than the time allowed between flights.

While crews are flexible and understand delays and connecting flights wreak havoc, it is better to assume there will not be this consideration.

Your packing should reflect both the nature of your travel and your weight restrictions. If you’re simply going alone to visit a beautiful place, you may find that a carry-on bag will suit your travel needs.

However, keep in mind that souvenirs can add up quickly and you might find yourself stuck making last minute purchases at the ticket counter for a bag that can be checked (for a fee, of course).

Avoid the embarrassment and plan ahead (particularly if you know that you can be easily swayed to purchase last-minute trinkets.

Lastly, take into account your airline. Amenities are generally universal but there always seems to be a catch.

Moreover, while discount airlines with super-cheap tickets can be tempting keep in mind that this means that even the barest of luxuries on other airlines will not be available.

This could lead to a substantially more uncomfortable flight than anticipated - particularly for flights lasting over two hours.

In other words, make sure that you don’t allow flying to detract from your trip. It can be a blessing or a curse - the difference is often in your hands. 


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