'Scandal' Star Scott Foley Visits The Ellen Show

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Scott Foley, star of the hit TV show Scandal visited The Ellen Show and talked about his dream job which actually isn't an acting gig. He also wanted to push a pretty weird food movement in eggs and peanut butter.

DeGeneres sat down with Foley who said that he has an obsession with home makeover shows. He is a big HGTV fan and said before HGTV was around he watch Bob Villa on PBS. Foley said his dream job would be to host one of those shows.

DeGeneres encouraged him to keep his dreams alive. She wanted to make his dream come true, so, she staged an audition for him with props and more.

Foley went along with a script that was pretty sexually and comedic charged as you would expect from The Ellen Show.

He really had to jump through the hoops during his audition and DeGeneres did say he was going to get a job.

Earlier on in the show, DeGeneres and Foley had a conversation about a strange breakfast food combo that he enjoys.

Foley had an incredible response from fans after he posted a video of his Sunday breakfast that was scrambled eggs and peanut butter. The video got huge attention and everyone on TV was trying the combo to see if it was indeed a good combo.

DeGeneres said she would try it.

You can check out Foley's visit to The Ellen Show in the videos below.

Scott Foley Visits The Ellen Show