'Scandal' Season 4 Premiere Recap

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On tonight's fourth season premiere of ABC's "Scandal" President Fitzgerald tries to make a positive impact with his second term, while the members of Olivia's firm feel the impact of her absence.

The third season concluded with shocking plot points.

It was revealed that Rowan worked with Maya to have Jerry poisoned, and upon learning this information Harrison was shot dead by Tom.

And even more shockingly, Olivia left the country to a new life with Jake, who not only gave confidential information to President Fitz, but also has showed himself as evil.

Tonight's episode begins with Olivia laying on an unknown beach with Jake. Olivia quickly learns that Harrison was killed, and next thing the viewer knows her and Jake are back in Washington DC to attend Harrison's funeral.

Quinn reveals to Olivia that she knew where she was, and Olivia sees an empty OPA offices.

Quinn informs that once Olivia left OPA fell apart without her, and that her team are mad at her.

President Fitz is already struggling with his second term as president, and First Lady Mellie is having a hard time coping with their son's death.

Abby and Olivia meet, and Abby immediately displays that anger has she towards her; she blames Olivia for Harrison's death, along with other gladiators. She also meets with her father, and she confronts him on whether or not he was involved in Harrison's murder, which he adamantly denies.

He says he took care of Maya, and Olivia, believing what he told her, says she is glad that he did so.

Meanwhile Cyrus reveals to President Fitz that Olivia is back in town, and it seems he needs her more now than ever.

Olivia and Jake are visited at home by someone sent by Senator Vaughn, and on the phone with her she tells Olivia she thinks she just killed Senator Stirling.

Senator Stirling was not dead yet and Olivia forces the case onto someone else as she will not be in town long enough.

Olivia tries to gather her gladiators to help plan Harrison's funeral, and it is clear that they all have rough feelings towards her, especially Huck, who reveals his life fell apart.

Olivia decides to stick around to work, which leads to an argument between her and Jake. Her and Quinn take on the Senator Vaughn-Senator Stirling case.

Olivia and Clark question Senator Vaughn and do their best to help her get her story straight.

Senator Vaughn claims she was sexually assaulted and Olivia comes down on her hard telling her she knows she is lying, and upon discussing it with Quinn she realizes that it was Vaughn's staff member who was assaulted and Vaughn is covering for her.

It is revealed that Senator Vaughn had a plan to use her staff member as bait in order to bring down Senator Stirling, and Olivia quickly declares that she is indeed leaving Washington.

All of the members of OPA were emotionally reunited as they were the only ones to show up at Harrison's funeral. Eventually they all leave, and Olivia and Jake are left standing over the coffin.

As they embrace Jake catches Rowan spying on them out of the back of a car, and a worried look shoots across Jake's face. Again her and Jake argue about whether or not she is staying.

The episode concludes with President Fitz naming David Rosen as Attorney General, as Olivia makes statements regarding the situation of Senator Vaughn and her staff member.

And after making their respected statements Olivia and President Fitz pass each other without so much as even a glance at each other.

The next episode of "Scandal" airs Thursday, Oct. 2nd at 9 p.m. on ABC.