'Scandal' S4 Ep. 3 Recap: Inside the Bubble

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On tonight's new episode of "Scandal" Olivia had to help a friend deal with a traumatic issue, while the dark side of politics showed its head to Cyrus and David.

An old friend of Olivia's, Katherine, had a daughter disappear, and Olivia had the help of the gladiators track her down. Their original leads didn't reveal much as they were barely able to get any information, and its seems her old friends were covering for her.

They were able to locate the daughter, however shady details emerge about Katherine and her daughter's boyfriend.

She slept with the daughter's boyfriend, and later on the daughter was found dead at her hotel room.Olivia is on to Katherine, who seems responsible for killing her daughter.

Jake and Olivia's relationship has ended and their behavior towards each other is rocky. He is more involved than ever into his investigation into Harrison's murder. Jake used Quinn to get information out of Charlie, who is believed to be involved in Harrison's murder.

However despite their early fighting her and Charlie started to get romantic before Jake came in and interrupted.

Now it was Charlie's turn to tell Jake everything. Jake agreed to go to dinner with Olivia and Rowan, seemingly to talk to him to get more information about Harrison's murder.

Cyrus ran into the male escort who was hired by Lizzie, Michael, at breakfast. Cyrus is still unaware of the fact that Lizzie had the escort hired. Michael will not leave him alone, and is seemingly trying to break him down.

David, meanwhile, did all he could to prove himself to President Fitz and his board members as the Attorney General.

Early failures troubled President Fitz who took his anger out on David.

Fitz's battle with the gun people is clearly taking a toll on him and his cabinet, and David took it upon himself to give them the upper hand, which produced negative results.

Mellie was captivated by a national news story that was taking the nation by hold. A bride seemingly pushed her husband off of a cliff on their honeymoon and for some reason Mellie coundn't focus her attention away from it.

Mellie seemingly took on the role as her own investigator as she is trying her best to crack the case.

Mellie called a meeting with Fitz's people and shared her reasons why she thinks the wife did not kill her husband. Her presentation was cut short by Fitz's people, and Mellie was clearly upset that her work meant nothing.

The next episode of "Scandal" airs Thursday, Oct. 16th at 9 p.m. on ABC.