Scandal 'An Innocent Man' Recap, S4 E6, Hope for Olivia and Fitz?

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Last episode, Jake was accused of murdering Fitz's son, and now Olivia has a tough job ahead of her trying to figure out how to help Jake.

Olivia meets Leonard Carnihan in jail, as he needs her help for the alleged assassination of the former President cooper, who recently passed away from natural causes.

He denies that he was apart of the assassination attempt, and claims the government framed him, right down to the diaries he has written detailing the President's assassination.

He begs for Olivia's help, if she has any hope that he is innocent.

Huck and Quinn dig up enough information on Carnihan to suggest that he may, in fact, be innocent, and that a second shooter could have been on the scene.

To prove this, they need the bullet that almost killed President Cooper--currently lodged in the President's skull.

If he is charged with murder, they can obtain the bullet from Cooper's brain as part of Carnihan's defense, but they need to get to Cooper's body before he's buried in Arlington Cemetery.

Abby goes to President Grant about Jake Ballard, who was taken in to custody within the last few days, and tells him about Olivia's nightmares.

Fitz wasn't too happy with Abby for approaching him about the situation, and though he makes it clear she has stepped over her bounds, she pushes her limits and accuses him about his bruised knuckles.

She talks to Fitz about Olivia, begging him to take action if he still loves her.

Partly due to Abby's efforts, Fitz shows up at Olivia's doorstep. She immediately begins to defend Jake, but Fitz believes he played her.

He shows her evidence of Tom and Jake working together, and a transcript of Tom ordering Jake to kill Fitz's son.

"You don't know him the way you know me," Fitz said to her, yet Olivia stands firm in her need to see Jake. Fitz leaves shortly after, without another word.

Back on the Carnihan front, Olivia succeeded in getting the White House to charge Carnihan with murder, and obtained the bullet that may prove his innocence. After analysis, it was proven the bullet was shot from Carnihan's gun. When Olivia confronted him, he confessed.

He was the one who attempted to assassinate Cooper.

And he admitted to it so he would be able to end his life with the truth known.

Olivia felt her ego shot, as she believed Carnihan was telling the truth, but vowed to give him life in prison rather than the death penalty--what he wanted.

Fitz wants to see Jake executed, and believes Jake is doing little but manipulating Olivia into thinking he is a victim of the situation. Fitz believes he knows better, and refuses to be swayed by supporting Olivia, the woman he loves.

He falters enough to let Olivia see Jake, where Jake is being held in solitary confinement, recovering from being badly beaten.

Jake tells Olivia the number of an offshore bank account in his name, and asks for the money to be sent to his mother, believing that he will die in prison.

He tells her that he understands if she chooses not believe his innocence, and to let him go.

Fitz was on the brink of turninfg Jake over to Olivia's father, wanting to see Jake's life end, and Olivia tells him that if he turns Jake over, there will be no hope left for she and Fitz.

Fitz confronted her, asking her, "Are you saying there's hope?" until she finally admitted there was. Out of love, Fitz had Jake transferred to maximum security facility, instead of sent to death row.