Satisfaction, '...Through Security' Recap, Episode 8 Season 1,

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In "...Through Security," the eighth episode of the first season of USA's Satisifcation, the emotional roller coasters continue as each character searches for true satisfaction in their personal lives.

While Neil receives a dangerous warning, Grace learns of some shocking information.

Neil's major problem in this episode is that he is in fear that someone wants to harm him. the show opens with one of Neil's previous clients, Mallory, meeting him at his office, telling Neil that she told her husband everything and that he wants to hurt him. She warns him that her husband, Daniel, has his phone number and apologizes for bringing her into this mess. While in a later meeting Neil hallucinates the husband coming into his office and shooting him, but quickly comes to and is able to salvage the meeting. Later in the episode Neil enters a college class being taught by the husband that resents him. He envisions himself introducing himself to Daniel and confessing how he slept with his wife. Neil tries to have a civil conversation before Daniel punches him.

Neil then snaps out of it, and does nothing as Daniel exits the room. Neil has a security system installed in their house, complete with cameras. In typing the code it is revealed that Grace doesn't remember their anniversary, but she tries to play it off as a joke.

Adriana visits Neil at his office and the two discuss how he wants out. Adriana tries convincing him otherwise, but is able to pick up that he is enjoying life more, feeling more satisfied.

Adriana tempts him with another client, herself.

Grace also has to deal with her obstacles, but hers are more internal. She agrees to go on a double date with her and Simon, and Dylan informs her it will be to a burlesque show. Neil spends he beginning of the show looking at his phone at the security system. At the same time, Grace can't stop shooting glances at Dylan.

After the date Neil says he likes Dylan, and tells Grace she is sexier than any of the girls in the show. She then proceeds to give Neil a lap dance, however it is cut short by the security alarm being set off by Anika trying to come back home after hanging out with Mateo.

The episode closes with Grace receiving messages and pictures from Dylan about how great her portfolio looks and how much fun they had on the date.

While at Adriana's Simon appears out of nowhere, kisses Grace, and confesses his feelings for her.

He then tells her how Neil knows everything about the two and that if she doesn't want to be with her husband she should be with him instead.

Anika has to deal with some problems of her own. She is excited that her song is being recognized and an executive, Bernard, wants to purchase her song. Mateo warns her that if she were to go through with the deal, she would no longer own her song. After discussing it further they agree to meet with him.

While meeting with Bernard, Anika overhears over the microphone that he and Mateo want to use another singer for the song. Anika and Mateo argue over what she heard, and she tells him that he should continue on with that endeavor while she pursues her career on her own.

While her parents are gone Mateo picks her up and says that they don't have a lot of time left together. He wants to pursue a career together, and gives her a key to his place.

The interpersonal relationships and "coincidental" ties between the characters grew even stronger. While at Adriana's house, Adriana tells Grace she is pleased with her ideas for her interior design. The two of them talk about Grace and Neil's marriage, and how things "get stale from time to time." Adriana tries to dive deeper into Grace's thoughts, asking her if she has ever thought about leaving Neil, and Grace quickly changes the topic.

Later on Simon stops by Adriana's to pick up his money, and he finds a bill from Grace's design company, leaving him with a puzzled, yet stressed look.

Adriana visits Simon at his apartment and he confronts her on her hiring of Grace. She informs him that Grace came to her, and that it is dumb for Simon to develop feelings for her.

The theme of identity crisis that has been running through the season is evident in this episode as well. Each character struggles with who they really are, and what is they want to be. Neil visits Simon at his apartment, and the two discuss how Neil is danger. Simon claims it is Neil's own fault because he pretended to be Simon.

He then flips the switch, asking Neil how it feels to be the guy to cause problems in a marriage. Simon cuts into deeper levels, making Neil truly question who he is and what he wants.

Adriana also is able to get into Neil's head, saying that because of their work together he is a happier man. She wants him to truly consider who he wants to be.

The love triangles, which are almost gaining sides and changing shapes by the episode, are becoming more stressful and taking tolls on the characters in this episode. At Simon's apartment Neil attacks Simon on a personal level, saying he doesn't know how to care for someone on a deeper level. Simon rebuts saying you don't have to be married to care for someone deeply, and it seems written in the undertones he is talking about Grace. Simon also learns from Adriana that it isn't smart to have feelings for Grace. Regardless of what he was told, he confessed his feelings for Grace and says he wants to be with her.

Another love triangle involves Grace, Stephanie, and Dylan. While looking at clothes Stephanie claims that she is really into Dylan, who viewers already know is into Grace. She offers a double date with Neil and Grace.

Grace brings up a deal where Stephanie can borrow her shoes, if Grace can, "borrow her boyfriend." At Adriana's house, Dylan agrees to take pictures of Grace for her portfolio.

Grace opens up and reveals personal details to him that she hasn't even told her husband. The chemistry and interest between the two grows stronger and stronger by the scene.

The tension and emotion has grown over the season, and with only one episode left before the season finale viewers will surely be captivated as the lives of the Trumans, Adriana and Simon twist and turn.The next episode of Satsifaction airs 10|9c on USA. For more content and information from the show go to