Satisfaction, '...Through Revelation' Recap, S1 E9

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With the season finale of USA's "Satisfaction" coming next week, the tension and drama intensified as the characters' roller coaster lives progress in their search for true satisfaction.

On tonight's episode Neil and Grace must deal with Anika's future while also trying to figure out their own.

The last episode concluded with Simon confessing his love for Grace, and tonight picked up right where it left off. Simon tells her that he will wait for her to choose him, and although she resists his speech she seems to be considering it at the same time.

She has her mental battle, where she replays the romantic scenes featuring both men in her head. Anika interupts Grace by bringing Mateo and his parents over to meet Neil and Grace.

While the mothers get together drinks, the fathers talk about their kid's futures; neither set of parents seem to be supportive of the music career that Anika and Mateo want to pursue. While the children gather their presentation stuff, Neil and Grace learn that Mateo's parents run a psychologist office together. Neil and Grace share remarks about how marriages are supposed to work, and it is obvious that they have underlying messages for each other.

Grace emotionally leaves the room, and later tells Neil to excuse them and that they have to talk. Neil tries to get information out of Grace and finds a half-packed open suitcase sitting out.

Again Anika interrupts another serious moment, thus pushing their inevitable talk off for a later time. Anika and Mateo's presentation was about how they should be able to pursue the life that they want to leave. Anika's "you have to follow your dreams" statement really hits Grace in a sensitive spot and next thing we know are in her day dream.

She is with Simon in her house and they are packing for a trip to Italy together. Neil shows up at the front door and is aware of their trip, watching Simon and Grace share a kiss and telling her is happy for them.

It is also revealed that Neil now has his own place, and seems to be supportive of their relationship.

Snap back to reality and the parents are shooting down Mateo and Anika's presentation about their future, with Mateo's dad giving the final statement of "no" to their ideas. Mateo's drunk dad also causes a fight between Anika and Mateo about a seemingly past relationship. Anika and Grace share a nice mother-daughter moment where Anika opens up to her mother about some of her decisions. Anika then drops some wisdom of her own, telling Grace that things between her parents have been "weird" lately and asks if something is going on.

Grace shoots down any idea that something is up, but Anika seems to have accepted a realization that her parents may split soon. Mateo and his dad's fight continues, and his wife opens up a secret to everyone.

Mateo's dad won't give him and Anika money to support them with the college funds because there is no money; he spent it all.

Neil asks Grace if she is all right, then if there is something she wants to tell him, both to which she replies, "no." Turns out the Trumans aren't the only ones with problems in their family.

Graces tells Neil she thinks that they should see a therapist and Neil surprsingly agrees.

Adriana breaks news to Simon that she has ended their deal. She doesn't understand why Simon is so in love with Grace, and he tells her that there is more to life than sleeping with a different woman every night. Adriana's supposed wisdom lets Simon know that Grace still doesn't know Neil's life.

She reveals to Simon that Neil works for her, and despite denying it at first, Simon realizes that he and Neil aren't so different. She leaves him with one piece of final advice, and that is if Grace is the one he wants he should go get her.

Simon makes a phone call to a mysterious person saying it's time for that person to do him a favor.

Adriana later calls Neil asking him if he has taken her up on her offer, to which he says no and promptly hangs up.

Grace puts on Anika and Mateo's song, which plays to a montage of each character with a mixed emotion face. Grace puts her clothes away from the previously mentioned suitcase with the help from Neil, and Simon visits his storage unit where he takes out what appears to be designs for something.

The episode concludes with Neil's neighbor pointing out to him that the pool is leaking, a.k.a. falling apart. The pool has been a metaphor for Neil and Grace's marriage, and according to the neighbor it, "doesn't look good."

"Satisfaction" possesses all the aspects of a modern soap opera, with the main ones being the relationship issues between characters and in-family disputes.

This season has provided viewers with lots of ups and downs for each character, and the season finale should tighten up some loose ends, which will most likely leave some characters hurt in the process.

The season finale of "Satisfaction" airs Thursday Sept. 18th at 10 p.m. For more information and content from the show visit