Satisfaction, '...Through Resolution' Finale Recap, S1 E10

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On tonight's season finale of USA's "Satisfaction" all of the drama and emotion hit an all-time high as Neil and Grace must face the consequences of their secrets, while Adriana gets surprised by a new guest.

Last episode Grace learned that Neil has known about her secret affair with Simon, and tonight she started off the episode by sharing her situation with a therapist.

She uses a pair of dirty shoes after an encounter with Simon as a metaphor to describe this part of her that she doesn't want to let go.

The therapist tells her that her and Neil need to open up about what has been going on the past six months, which guaranteed a roller-coaster of a season finale.

The biggest storylines of the season have obviously come from Grace and Neil's dilemma. Grace opened up to her sister as well, and gets good advice about how she needs to learn about what Neil is doing with his life now that he knows about hers. Grace really starts to snoop around and investigate what exactly Neil has been doing.

She believes he is having an affair, and she visits Neil's monk friend/therapist to find out more.

He reveals that Neil has been going through a self-discovery period, and Grace says she felt like she was going through the same thing. Grace brought the shoes to get cleaned, which means maybe sh

Neil learns that his happiness app has been becoming more successful, but that people want to turn it into a dating app instead.

Although it isn't want he wanted, his boss tells him that it will generate massive amounts of revenue which can help him in the future.

In Neil's presentation about his app he starts using a metaphor about meeting a beautiful and perfect girl and the possibilities that could come with it, and it quickly becomes clear that in his mind he is no longer thinking about the app.

Adriana's work relationship with Grace continued, and Adriana dropped hints that she knows the truth about Grace and Neil's marriage and struggles. Adriana's husband made a surprise visit, to which she does not like because it seems he may have spoiled her plans.

He reveals to Neil that he and Adriana both like how he is never around, and it seems like he also knows about Neil's marriage issues.

Adriana also learns that Simon is one of the few remaining heirs of something huge.

Simon is still dealing with issues of his own, and he gives away all of his clients to another male escort employed by Adriana.

Simon is also selling his valuable art, and the estimator drops a line that seems to hit home with Simon's feelings.

"Some things are too beautiful to remain in the hands of one man," he said, which is exactly how Simon feels about Grace.

Anika's struggles with her music career seem to have vanished as she met with a music producer, signed a contract, and let him listen to her songs she has recorded. She gives Mateo half of the advance that the producer Bernard gave to her for signing the contract.

He again tells her that she is better than that, and that he doesn't want to part of that deal she made.

Anika uses her money to buy a car, and she takes off to go to the music festival that Mateo will playing at.

Neil and Grace finally attend a marriage therapist session together, and Neil quickly compliments Grace on the shoes that have been a motif all episode. She tells Neil she got the fellowship for an interior design position, and the two share a nice moment talking about how Neil wants to join her in Italy for it. The therapist finally enters, only to find that the couple is no longer there.

The episode concludes with the husband and wife quickly packing their luggage, and share a nice "I love you moment." Neil walks in the now empty pool, which has served as a metaphor of their marriage all season.

Grace joins him in the empty pool, but as the two hold hands.

However Daniel, the husband of one of the women Neil slept with, arrives at their house with a gun and is walking through their house as the season ends.

The first season of "Satisfaction" brought audiences in on many secrets that were both kept and shared by the characters, and the roller-coaster of emotions that were displayed when the secrets were revealed.

The show possessed a modern day soap opera feel to it, from the story lines to the development of the characters.

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