'Jurassic World' Trailer Has Dazzling Imagery, Pre- Historic Cliches

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The Jurassic World was among the movies discussed this past holiday weekend. With a trailer promoting the latest film in the popular franchise, the Internet drooled over the possibility of seeing mammoth reptiles come to life with modern film technology.

But should we really be buying into the hype? Even in the trailer, some questionable plot choices were revealed.

For instance: What parent in their right mind would send their child alone to an island filled with homicidal reptiles? I don't care what plot absurdities were in Jurassic Park III; if a child--or anyone, for that matter--goes to an island populated with dinosaurs, they will likely end up on the Cretaceous menu.

It can be argued that, according to the canon of the films, that Jurassic World is a safe theme park aligned with the vision of John Hammond-- the creator and CEO of Jurassic Park in the original film. But people in this universe are aware of how horribly things backfired the last time they tried to do this--or at least they should be.

Wouldn't this spark some concern in the parent? It should, at least, make her think twice before making a joke about her son being chased by a raptor.

Then there's the introduction of some unknown creature; a dinosaur born from the splicing of genes that's too terrible to be shown in the trailer. It's a method that made Steven Spielberg's Jaws famous.

But his harrowing tale of a giant shark is almost 40 years old--time to find something different.

From the trailer, Jurassic World looks like a semi-absurd revisit to the universe's canon. It's teaser, however, shouldn't have opened with an example of completely negligent parenting. In addition, the unseen monster idea is cliche at this point.

The film looks reasonably entertaining, and I will likely see it. But it would have been nice to see the franchise omit blatantly unlikable parental figures.

They were in Jurassic Park III, and their presence made a 94-minute film seem as long as Lord of the Rings Special Edition.

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