Salma Hayek Talks Animals On The Ellen Show

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Salma Hayek may be a Hollywood actress, however, her life can sometimes turn into a movie when her animals are concerned.

Hayek stopped by The Ellen Show to chat about some of the hilarious experiences she has had with her dogs.

Hayek told DeGeneres that she travels a lot and used to take her pets with her. However, in recent years she stopped doing it too much because it wasn't healthy for them.

She later added that she also has some horrible stories about traveling with her dogs and the mischief that they got into when she wasn't there to watch them.

Hayek began a story about visiting Bermuda for a film and having to beg a hotel to keep her two dogs. One night she went back to the cabana she was staying in to find her dogs were gone.

She heard a big commotion and screaming and realized that it sounded like a cake situation. Hayek said that many birthday parties were ruined by her dog Lupe because she loved cake more than anything in the world.

Lupe and Angie, Hayek's other dog, were sitting in a bride and grooms chair chowing down on the wedding cake.

Luckily Hayek gave a signature whistle and the dogs left the cake and ran back to the cabana. You can hear this hilarious story and more in The Ellen Show video below.

Salma Hayek Talks Animals On The Ellen Show