Sally Field Visits the Howard Stern SiriusXM Radio Show

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Last week marked the release of Sally Field's new film Hello, My Name is Doris and today she stopped by the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show to talk about her illustrious career, the new film and much more.

Stern previewed the interview with Field by raving about how good Hello, My Name is Doris was. His initial thoughts about the film after seeing the trailer were not positive at all.

However, after he and his wife Beth watched the movie, he says that it was so good his wife doesn't want to watch another movie.

Stern predicts that Field is going to win an Academy Award for her performance because she was terrific and charming.

"Howard said he remembers being in high school watching her on Gidget," according to MarksFriggin.

"He said maybe he was even younger. Howard said he's not sure but it was a big deal to him. He said she was hot."

He welcomed Field on to the show and asked her if he could refer to her by her first name to which she said "of course." Stern actually seemed pretty nervous for the interview but handled it like the pro he is.

He kicked off the interview by asking Field about Lincoln and she confirmed that both she and Daniel Day-Lewis stayed in character as Stern praised her for her level of committment to her characters.

He asked Field about dealing with the character in Sybil where Field played a person with split personalities.

She told Stern that the move from TV to film was pretty tough back then and that her character had to be believable. Meanwhile, Stern dove into fields early childhood and personal life.

"Howard said Sally's parents were divorced when she was 4 years old. Howard asked if that had an effect on her. Sally said that her dad was very catholic and he used that to hate everything," according to MF.

"She said that it doesn't have to be that way but that's how they interpreted religion. She said that led to bitterness and she felt that at 4.

Sally said she doesn't remember it all though. Sally said that she hated going to her dad's home when she was growing up."

The duo really dug into Field's early rolls before getting in to Hello, My Name is Doris and her co-star Max Greenfield who both visited the Ellen DeGeneres show last week to promote the film and have a little makeout session.

"Howard said this new movie is really good. He said he loved it. Howard said Gary and his wife really loved it too. Howard said he thinks she can get an Academy award for it," according to MF.

"Howard said he loved the film. Howard asked how we get people to see it.

Sally said the movie is very funny and highly comedic. Howard said it's Walter Mitty-ish. Howard said this woman has worked her whole life for her mother and suddenly she falls for a younger guy and it's beautiful and funny."

Hello, My Name is Doris is currently in theaters and Field's chat with Stern might just be one of the best interviews of 2016 thus far.

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