Sal Governale & Gary Dell'Abate Butt Heads on Howard Stern

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Today Howard Stern's SiriusXM Show had it's fair share of arguments one of them included Sal Governale and Gary Dell'Abate after Stern began making fun of Governale for not getting laid after a vacation and a Billy Joel concert.

After poking fun at JD Harmeyer for being scared to see "Straight Outta Compton" at night time, Stern turned his attention to Sal who Stern says didn't get laid after attending a vacation and a Billy Joel concert with his wife, according to a MarksFriggin rundown of the show.

"Howard said he heard Sal went on vacation and he didn't have sex at all," according to the rundown.

"Sal said there were 5 of them in the same room. He said they went camping and they had all 5 of them in the same tent too."

Suddenly the conversation turned into how many times Governale masturbated and quickly spiraled into another conversation about not getting laid after taking his wife to a Billy Joel concert. Governale's excuse was that he and his wife were both tired.

In comes Dell'Abate who said that Governale was finally getting a bit of his own medicine.

"Gary said he told them all in the hall about these things.

Gary said Sal is giving him sh*t and he doesn't have to take it. He said Sal makes fun of him and he has to take it and now Sal can't take it," according to MarksFriggin.

"Gary said Sal is afraid of his wife. Sal said he is not. Gary said he is too.

He said Sal is always talking about this stuff in the halls and now he won't talk about it on the air. Howard said Sal's wife is so hot and he should be f**king her every night.

Sal said maybe he doesn't want to. Gary said he does too."

Stern noticed that Dell'Abate was angry and asked him why, to which Dell'Abate responded "Governale always turns on him."

"He said Sal dances around in that Gary mask and if he turns it on Sal then he gets angry.

Howard said Gary was on to something when he mentioned that he has to be told certain things to know what's right. Gary said it happens a lot," according to the rundown.

Things got pretty heated as Dell'Abate told Sal to "go f**k himself since that's what he seems to be doing lately." Governale responded with a very explicit comment about Dell'Abate's lips and the guys just kept going for a bit.

It was definitely one of the funnier fights on the show, with Dell'Abate clearly annoyed by Governale.