Ryan Reynolds Is Kind Of Worried How Disney Might Handle Deadpool

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Some big news was reported earlier this week about Disney possibly buying a majority of 20th/21st Century Fox.

If this happens, this means the X-Men and Deadpool will now be controlled and owned by the house of Mickey Mouse. Not everyone is happy about the possibility of this happening though.

Current Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds, posted on Twitter about his concerns.

He retweeted CNBC's original report and is worried how the character will be handled by Disney. He said: "If this is true, I wonder how the fudge it would affect Deadpool?"

After releasing many PG-13 X-Men movies, 20th Century Fox changed gears and decided to make more violent and edgy R rated movies.

The gamble paid off because Deadpool and Logan managed to outgross many of the previously made X-Men movies. Next up, 20th Century Fox is going to release a horror-themed New Mutants film next year.

However, if Disney owns the properties things could look different. Disney is seen by many as a family friendly company. It's kind of hard to picture Disney making R rated movies and handling a character like Deadpool properly.

That said, the character is known for breaking the fourth wall so they could make a joke about it.

For now, we will be receiving the R rated Deadpool 2 releasing next year. Ryan Reynolds may not have to worry about the near future yet...

It's also worth mentioning talks between Disney and 20th/21st Century Fox haven't been finalized yet.

It's possible the two companies won't go ahead with the sale. If it happens though, it could change the landscape when it comes to comic book movies.

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