Ryan Gosling Talks 'La La Land' and More On The Ellen Show

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Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone's La La Land is one week away from its release and Gosling paid The Ellen Show a visit to chat about the film, his girls and more.

It kicked off with Gosling asking if DeGeneres was mad at him.

Gosling said the last time he was on the show, DeGeneres leaped into his arms. This time he just got a peck. So, he stood up and swept DeGeneres off her feet and into his arms.

It earned him another kiss on the cheek as they took some chill positions on their respective couches. They quickly had to take a regular seat as Gosling said his pants were too tight.

The actor now has a second child and said he hopes they are excited for Christmas. He said his oldest, Esmeralda, doesn't quite get that you have ask for something.

He said it was a real sweet spot.

Meanwhile, DeGeneres wanted to know what Gosling would be getting Eva Mendes. He didn't quite say, however, he did reveal that he wanted to get a Roomba so that his current Roomba won't be so lonely.

DeGeneres suggested that Gosling gets Mendes fake nails with his face on it or leggings with his face on it.

The host then surprised Gosling with exactly what he wanted for Christmas, a Roomba with DeGeneres' face on it.

Later on in the show, DeGeneres asked Gosling about appearing in so many films with his La La Land co-star Emma Stone and congratulated him on the Oscar buzz.

Gosling said it was a great opportunity and fun to make. DeGeneres brought up that Stone apologized for sweating so much during their rehearsals and Gosling said he did think it was odd that she was rehearsing in a wet suit for the first couple of weeks.

Gosling said that Stone just has a few active sweat glands and joked that it was like poking a waterbed.

You can watch the highlights from Ryan Gosling's interview with Ellen DeGeneres in the videos below. La La Land hits theaters on December 16.

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