Rush 'Dirty Work' Recap, S1 EP9, Rush and Sarah's Complications

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Tonight on Rush, the quirky doc runs into some problems as things go awry while Sarah searches for a sperm donor.

Rush isn't the only one with complications as Alex is also having trouble mending his relationship after last episode. Eve looks to the future but J.P. is making it intensely hard for her to move on.

Rush receives a phone call and he knocks on the door for Judge Thomas but instead he finds his daughter who is going into labor in her room. He coaches her through the childbirth but when the baby is born he isn't crying like he should.

Rush makes a call to Harold and he is very concerned so they rush him to the hospital. While in the back of the fan Rush performs some magic and brings him back to life.

Sarah walks in to the room and she is greeted by Eve. She has no idea who she was and that she was actually working and Rush walks in surprised.

They talk about the appointment and Rush tells her that he wants to accompany her to the fertility clinic.

He tells her that she doesn't need a sperm donor because he is the man for the job but she just laughs it off.

Alex has to tell his first lie to Laurel and he does so in prime fashion, even engaging in some loving activity. Rush and Sarah arrive at the clinic and the two begin browsing the donor list but he never agrees on any of the potential donors.

Sarah says that he could actually leave and do it some other time but he refuses and he wants them to push through it.

Doc receives a phone call from his dad asking for his help. He says that a friend of his got himself into some trouble and he needed Rush's expertise.

Eve and Sarah bond over some tuna as Rush heads out to the high profile client his father referred him to.

Sarah tells Eve that she has Ovarian cancer and she is working through it and when Eve mentions she wants to finish her degree Sarah supports her decision.

When Rush reaches the house of the high profile client the car accident seems a million times worst than the clients composure shows. He says he isn't hurt but he thinks Joanne might be and proceeds to take Rush into the garage where a woman is halfway through the front window of a car looking lifeless. Joanne is actually alive despite her condition and she is not the man of the year's wife but his mistress.

Rush uses a hammer to get her out of the window and Rush removes glass shards from her and tells her she has a broken arm. cuts and bruises.

Joanne refuses to go to the hospital and answers every single question that Rush asks her without a problem.

Alex's fling appears at his workplace and he is not happy to see her at all. He tells her that he is married and asks her not to visit his workplace again but before she leaves she tells him he didn't have to be rude about it. Rush storms into his father's office upset hands him the money that was being donated to the hospital and tells him not to call him again.

As if that wasn't enough he complains to Alex about wanting to be the father for Sarah's baby.

Alex tells him about his run in with the woman from the other night and Rush tells him he is lucky she didn't ask for money.

Rush gets a proposal to go back to the hospital he was banished from but he refuses. Judge Thomas says that he wants his daughter to give her baby up for adoption and Rush does not agree with the decision.

Joanne calls Rush and reports an emergency but instead of her being the victim it's the high roller who is suffering.

Rush arrives and deciphers that his clients chest hit the steering wheel causing extensive bleeding around his heart. He performs yet another miracle procedure and then makes a phone call.

Alex arrives home to find his one night stand at his house asking him for $5,000 to settle the score. Alex goes into the house to grab the money to hand over to the woman and Laurel is home which means he has to be extra careful. He hands her the money and tells her not to come back. Rush's father arrives at his son's apartment unannounced. He is greeted by Eve and is extra delighted to see Sarah.

Rush walks in very confused and agrees to have a drink with his father. His father apologizes for the things that he said and tried to explain himself.

Rush asks why it is okay for a high profile client to make a mistake and not him.

His father replies that the client isn't his son to which responds his father was right. It seems like the relationship is in a better place that is was before.

Judge Thomas' daughter calls Rush with an emergency. She is bleeding and when Rush tells her to consult her doctors she tells him that she has taken her baby and left the hospital.

Rush arrives at the apartment and his patient has lost a lot of blood but she is okay. She said that she didn't want the hospital to take him away from her so she took him and left.

Rush arrives at his apartment to find Sarah is not there. Eve tells Rush she needs to leave early but before she leaves she tells him that she likes Sarah and to not screw things up with her.

Rush and Sarah are back at the apartment looking over clients and she reads a profile that matches Rush.

Sarah tells Rush that if she is going to have a baby with him she wants the old life back. The two have never looked happier as things improve.

Rush empties his entire stash of drugs in attempts to make a change and do things the right way. Eve goes home and prepares herself for a quiet night but she receives a phone call from J.P. who tries to get Eve to meet him. She is upset and says she does not believe anything that she is saying.

He tells her that she has to do whats right she hears a knock at her door and J.P. forces himself in.

He attacks her and she fights back but she is clearly going to have to be smart in this case. After pepper spraying him she goes for the gun and shot J.P.

This episode will make for an action packed season finale of Rush on USA next Thursday at 9.