Rumor: Jon Hamm Wants To Be The Next Batman If Ben Affleck Steps Down

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Christian Bale's career shined very brightly when he starred in Christopher Nolan's excellent The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Ben Affleck plays a decent Batman, although sadly the films he was in were not universally praised. If Affleck decides to retire the role prematurely, Jon Hamm wants to be his successor.

According to an exclusive report by Radar Online, their source tells them that Jon Hamm is "gunning hard" for the role. Both Hamm and Affleck have been friends since working together in the movie called 'The Town'.

The source says Hamm knows Affleck has been upset over the criticism towards Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and this year's Justice League. Jon Hamm wants the role strictly from a business perspective so it's nothing personal against Affleck.

That said, Affleck has yet to officially confirm he's no longer donning the cape and cowl. Not to mention The Batman director Matt Reeves is reportedly interested in casting Jake Gyllenhaal and not Mr Hamm.

The state of the DCEU is kind of iffy now thanks to the reception that Justice League received.

The movie was supposed to be a huge hit, yet the Box Office numbers show that the film is the least popular one of the franchise already.

2018 is going to be a resting period for the franchise as the only film out next year from the DCEU is Aquaman.

It will be interesting to see what Warner Bros does in order to excite fans for the foreseeable future.

Warner Bros is likely going to try its best to keep Affleck as Batman. However, Hamm is a capable actor and I wouldn't mind seeing him play both Batman and Bruce Wayne.

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