Rumor: Floyd Mayweather vs CM Punk Could Happen First In MMA Before Conor McGregor Rematch

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Floyd Mayweather's uncle, Jeff Mayweather, has said something interesting regarding his nephew's MMA debut. He feels Floyd Mayweather could have a chance facing CM Punk first before doing an MMA rematch with Conor McGregor.

As you might know already, Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor happened last year and was the second most bought PPV of all time behind Mayweather vs Pacquiao.

However, the fight was in Mayweather's favor mainly because it was boxing rules only.

Since the first fight was so successful, people have wanted to see how Mayweather would so entering the Octagon of MMA since it's way different to boxing.

The problem of doing an MMA only rules match is the fact that Mayweather is totally inexperienced in that area.

In an interview with boxing insider Jody Kohn (via Bloody Elbow), Jeff Mayweather hinted about the possibility of his nephew facing CM Punk first in MMA before going on to a rematch with McGregor.

CM Punk was a WWE professional wrestler and is now a current UFC fighter. Much like Mayweather, Punk has little experience in MMA as he's only had one fight so far and lost to Mickey Gall in two minutes.

Mayweather vs Punk in an MMA fight would create headlines around the world and is a good warmup for both fighters. It would be too unfair for Mayweather to immediately go after McGregor as boxing is his only strength.

That said, Jeff Mayweather says his nephew might stand a chance against McGregor if the match stays out of the floor game and is a standup fist fight.

Jeff Mayweather admitted he does not know who Punk is, but reckons it will be a good warmup fight for his nephew.

Floyd Mayweather is a WWE fan so he might be interested in facing Punk for real inside the octagon. The only problem that might prevent this fight from happening is the difference in weight class.

CM Punk is slightly larger than Floyd Mayweather is right now, so Punk may have to cut his weight to satisfy Mayweather's demands. Hopefully this fight happens because it will attract a lot of eyeballs!

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