Ronnie The Limo Driver Reacts to Maria Menounos' Stern Show Engagement

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As many SiriusXM Stern Show fans know by now, Maria Menounos and her now fiance Keven Undergaro got engaged live on the show.

The first proposal on the Stern Show happened to be from Ronnie The Limo Driver and he had a pretty funny reaction to what went down between Menounos and Undergaro.

Stern told his listeners that he had known about Undergaro's plans for a while now and that he was scared it wouldn't go through after Ronnie The Limo Driver got engaged on the show.

"Howard said he knows Ronnie's annoyed out in the hall. He thinks Keven ripped him off but this was planned for several months," according to MarksFriggin.

Ronnie The Limo Driver came in and said that he was't annoyed or angry and that he was happy for Undergaro and Menounos, despite the fact that Stern kept prodding him a little in order to get him to admit that he was in fact angry.

"Shuli came in and said as soon as Kevin started to propose Ronnie said 'What the hell?' Shuli said it wasn't out of happiness," according to MF.

"Ronnie told him not to start stupid shit. Howard asked why did he say what the hell? Ronnie said he didn't expect that.

Robin said there's nothing he expects on this show. Ronnie said he really isn't annoyed. He said he's making him sound like a total ass."

Later on he admitted that the proposal might have gotten to him in the moment that it happened but he wasn't at all made at Undergaro for the proposal.

Overall, it didn't seem like Ronnie The Limo Driver felt there was a need for him to comment on what happened but he did anyway in the most honest way, even after being poked fun at from the Stern Show crew.