Ronda Rousey Defends WWE's Decision To Go Ahead With Crown Jewel Event

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WWE's decision to still hold the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia has been met with a lot of criticism by both fans and certain members of the mainstream media. However, current WWE Superstar Ronda Rousey is defending the decision.

Ronda Rousey feels it's better for WWE to go ahead with Crown Jewel to possibly lessen the tension that both USA and Saudi Arabia currently have after an American journalist was killed in the country.

Ronda Rousey made these comments when she was being interviewed by TMZ (via WrestlingInc). You can read her comments about the matter posted down below.

"I think pulling out of Crown Jewel would be the wrong move because this is an opportunity to share our cultures and find what we have in common. Especially in times of adversity between two countries that’s the absolute wrong time to be able to pull away. That’s the time to find out what we have in common and be able to understand each other more. It seems almost frivolous—these WWE events and these big world issues, but in a world where we’re always looking at it like ‘us’ and ‘them,’ I think those big events like Crown Jewel that bring everyone together just makes us realize it’s ‘us’ all around"

WWE had a hard choice because the company would have lost out on a lot of money if they pulled their deal from Saudi Arabia.

The company is going to receive millions upon million of dollars over the next decade staging wrestling shows in Saudi Arabia.

You can also see additional comments about the interview via the video posted below.

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