Roman Reigns Reacts To Being Booed Out Of The Building On WWE Raw

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If you watched WWE Raw after WrestleMania 33, the start of the show was the loudest in recent memory.

This is because many fans were booing at Roman Reigns for defeating The Undertaker the night prior. The WWE Universe let their voices be heard.

When Roman Reigns came out, he got the biggest and loudest boos I have ever heard in many years. They were chanting "go away", "you suck" and even other things that I'm not allowed to post here.

Roman Reigns has now somewhat reacted to the hostile reaction he got on WWE Raw via Twitter. You can read his response below.

It was a very unique segment as he was standing there for like 10 minutes not saying anything.

All he did was stand there in the middle of the ring while the crowd was chanting all sorts of things at him.

He ended the segment by just saying "this is my yard now" before leaving to a parade of even more boos from the crowd.

Reigns has been the most controversial and polarizing wrestler to wrestle in the WWE for quite some time.

John Cena has many critics, although Cena never had the amount of heat that Reigns has been receiving lately.

The Undertaker is respected by almost every WWE fan and they hate the fact that Reigns was the one that retired him.

It will be interesting to see what WWE does with Reigns in the near future.

It will be stupid for WWE to still try and position Reigns as a babyface (good guy).

Reigns is getting the best heel heat I have ever seen so it makes sense for them to ride this momentum to finally turn him into a bad guy.

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