Roman Atwood's Paintball Prank Is Pure Comedy

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The man who brought us the 360 blog is back with yet another prank.

YouTuber Roman Atwood takes on the streets with his paintball gun in hopes to give a few cars a makeover but it doesn't go well with the owners at all.

(Video Below)

Atwood is known for some pretty wild pranks and this time things get a little crazy. In the video, he's armed with a paintball gun and walks up to random strangers cars firing it off.

The gun is actually empty but people are so caught up in the fact that they believe their car is being fired at, they rush towards him and begin to attack him.

One man actually attacks Atwood and tries to steal his gun. Atwood is forced to grab the gun and run for the hills.

The funniest reaction might be the woman who outright charges at Atwood. She didn't even care that there was nothing wrong with her car, she practically told Atwood that he shouldn't mess around with peoples cars.

While walking away, Atwood hands her a gift card to a car wash and she snatches it out of his hand and continues to walk.

Atwood knows that the prank was dangerous and tells his camera man "this is why I only do happy pranks." Check out the hilarious video below.

Watch the "Roman Atwood Paintball Prank" below.