Roman Atwood's 'Blowing Up My Kid Prank' Doesn't Go Well With His Girlfriend

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One YouTuber has done almost every prank you can think of and still keeps going for more.

Roman Atwood is back at it again with another prank but this time his girlfriend seemed pretty upset after witnessing who she thought was her son, ride into the woods and burst into flames.

(Video Below)

The video is cleverly titled the "Blowing Up My Kid PRANK," with prank in all caps so that he doesn't get all of the YouTube hate or hate in general. When you're watching the video you understand that it's a prank. However, if you're his girlfriend or put yourself in her shoes you'd probably be pretty pissed off if it happened to you.

Atwood uses his son and a new four-wheeler as bait for the prank. He and his son are enjoying some time on the ATV when his girlfriend walks up. She is all for it but that may all change.

When she walks away from the two, Atwood instructs his son to run and hide. He replaces him with a dummy that looks exactly like him and when she makes her way back, he lets go for a second and off goes his "son" riding away. Atwood stays in character and looks concerned and his girlfriend is even more concerned as they both chase after the ATV. It hops into the woods and blows up. Atwood has to pull his wife away from it knowing that there will be an explosion. She starts crying and well, we won't spoil the end for you. Check out the video below.

Check out the intense prank below.