Roman Atwood Creates Amazing First 360 Vlog

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Technology is really getting a bit scary but we love it anyway. YouTuber Roman Atwood has created an amazing 360 Vlog that he thinks is going to be the next level of watching videos of YouTube.

(Video Below)

You really have to see this to believe it. In essence, the Vlog is filmed with new technology that Atwood says was brought by his friend Sam Macaroni according to the video.

Vlogs are popular for YouTubers who want to let their fans in on what a day in the life of their favorite YouTuber is like.

This 360 Vlog takes that idea and completely blows it up into something pretty cool. Now, the video quality isn't the greatest and Atwood does issue a disclaimer, however, it's simply amazing what technology has risen up to.

The Vlog contained Atwood and his friends and family as thy traveled and just hand conversations with one another. In the top left corner, there is a little tool similar to one you might find on a Google Maps app that allows you to see a street view of your destination.

You are able to use this tool to navigate to where ever you'd like to watch in the video.

This is truly some amazing technology and we agree with Atwood when he says he thinks this could be the future of Vlogging.

Watch the incredible video below.