Rob Lowe Visits The Ellen Show and Explains His Missed Opportunity With Madonna

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Code Black star Rob Lowe visited The Ellen Show to catch up on what's been going on in his life, play a game of doctor, share his missed opportunity with Madonna and much more.

During the interview, DeGeneres mentioned that she and Lowe had dinner a couple of weeks ago and she still didn't hear about him rescuing a shark.

Lowe said he loves that DeGeneres loves animals and during his vacation in the Maldives, he came across a shark that was stuck and had a hook in his mouth.

Lowe said that it had clearly been there for months and they dove in to the water and was able to remove the hook.

Lowe said the shark was probably 12-feet and not one that would attack you but it was still a shark. DeGeneres said Lowe is both a hero and handsome. She continued to say he was brave to let himself be succumbed to a roasting.

Lowe said once they started hitting him with the jokes, he felt ready to take them on as well.

He did ask DeGeneres, however, she told him she couldn't make fun of him, much like she did when Justin Bieber asked her.

Meanwhile, for his son's 21st birthday, Lowe took him to Las Vegas and among pride and love, he also mentioned that a lot of Visine was involved. Lowe said it had him thinking about his 21st birthday party where he was told he was having a blind date with Madonna, however, it was just a ploy to get him to the surprise location.

The actor also chatted about Code Black and why he went back to a serious role after a lot of comedies. You can check out his interview and game of doctor from The Ellen Show in the videos below.

Rob Lowe Tells Ellen DeGeneres About His Missed Opportunity With Madonna

Rob Lowe and Ellen DeGeneres Play Doctor On The Ellen Show