Rizzoli & Isles Recap: Doomsday Changes Nothing

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The latest episode of Rizzoli & Isles reminds us of a few things: plot holes are a part of life, Maura is always right and Jane doesn't like change but when forced to confront it can act like an adult.

Like Jane, the murder victim du jour (Peter) is wary of the future. So wary, in fact, that he has created a bug-out shelter, as he is a prepper -- someone who is preparing for the coming end of society as we know it.

His friend, who calls in Peter's disappearance, tells Jane and Korsak that Murder Victim's personal theory was that society would be wiped out by an airborne toxic effect.

Nice reference to the band, there, Rizzoli & Isles. I see you.

As Jane and Korsak struggle to find Peter's killer, Jane learns through snooping through Korsak's papers that he may be contemplating retirement, and Angela pressures Jane to find out what Frankie is keeping from her. It's all too much for Jane in the space of only a few minutes and she bugs out.


Maura and Frankie talk to the man who built Peter's bug-out. He's trying to come across as harmless older man, but really the vibe he's bringing is lecherous older salesman. It's not pleasant but Maura is cheerfully oblivious as always.

They soon realize that Peter was harboring gold, and that said gold is missing from the bunker in which he kept it. Jane comes to the incredibly obvious conclusion that it must have been stolen, and by someone who knew about the gold.

I personally thought the show would include Peter's dead wife somehow, but that turned out to be a red herring.

When back at the scene for more something-or-other (it's really not well explained) Jane and Korsak have it out. Jane can't believe Korsak is retiring...only he's not.

He's "exploring [his] options" because his life coach, Kiki, told him to figure out what will make him happy. He's also going to give the Lieutenant's exam a shot.

The bug-out explodes, and it turns out that Tom, who built Murder Victim's bug-out, was at the center of the blast.

Despite being mysteriously not-blown-up for an explosion that blew out a wall that took firemen 2 hours to drill through, he is Jane's first thought for culprit.

Jane and Korsak return to chasing the gold, discovering that Tom's shelters have been robbed before. The trail leads them back to Scott, Murder Victim's friend, who called in his absence to police. Looks like we have our killer, folks.

In between chasing down Scott and finding out that Frankie is taking night classes in computer engineering, Jane has time to crack wise and visit a for-sale motorcycle and sidecar pairing with Maura, who has decided she cannot live without these.

Her justification for buying them (taking Jane to the hospital in the sidecar while in labor) is less than sound, and Jane accuses Maura of using her pregnancy to justify an impulse purchase. Yeah, that seems about right.

Bad Guy Du Jour, also known as Scott, is apprehended thanks to some dirt found in his garage, and all is right with the world once more.

In a humorous gesture, Frankie gives Jane and Korsak emergency packs he made for them in case of the end of the world. Jane gets a beef stew MRE, freeze-dried ice cream, and toilet paper.

Who packs a woman an emergency supply customized for her and doesn't include pads or tampons? You might think it's indelicate to bring up, but it's literally the first thing I would pack, ever.

Heck, it is the first thing I pack, ever.

Needs must, after all.

The episode closes out with Jane and Maura sharing a heart-to-heart in the motorcycle and sidecar that Maura was drooling over earlier in the show. Jane tells Maura she wants her to take the baby if anything happens to Jane, in the spirit of taking care of the baby's future, and Maura is touched and honored.

As one should be when given the opportunity to raise someone else's baby and get a free scullery maid in the bargain. Uh -- who said that?