On The Rise: Electronic Crossover Swiss Artist, Geiko

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Rising from Switzerland and onto the electronic music scene is Geiko, the solo project of Amaris Wenzel. Geiko is a Swiss musician and producer, and also the co-owner of Waving Alien Records in Switzerland.

Geiko has been combining a number of her musical influences to create a genre and sound of her own.

With mixes of synthpop and indie, to trip-hop and gothic, Geiko has created an electronic dance music sound unlike anything we've heard of yet.

Geiko's debut full-length album 'Aggressive' was released in early July, and since has been gaining much praise and attention for the uniqueness and creativity of the material.

Similar sounding to the work of Depeche Mode, Nero, DeVision, Skrillex and IAMX - Geiko has a harder, rougher sound opposed to a large number of DJs and producers in the industry.

Whoever said girls can't be tough was mistaken, and you'll understand once you listen to the work of Geiko.

With a heavy and hard sound, Geiko is sure to continue her rise onto the scene with her amount of creativity and willingness to create something unlike we've ever heard of.

Hats off to this little lady making big moves in the electronic music industry, and for proving that hard-hitting female DJs and producers can too make huge moves.