Movie Review: The Central Park Five

It's been a long such a long time I have actually seen a movie that I've been dying to watch but this one was one I have to see. I heard many times about this story but never really saw the big deal.

It was about 5 boys accused of rape I think but i wasn't sure. Not it was time to find out.

It started with words on the screen describing exactly what the story was about and what I read was already pulling me in. It said one of the accused chose not to be videotaped and then said the police officers involved chose not to comment at all. Obviously. But anyways I continued watching. It had the voice of a male voice admitting to a crime, I had no idea what was going on and rewinding a million times didn't help me either.

I got fed up and just let it play. It introduced all the characters and just that part alone was pretty cool. I'm a documentary type of guy and this started very well.

As the seconds went by it started feeling like I was apart of the movie. The pictures that they used in the movie we cool. Very shocking and went awesomely with the story.

The Central Park Five movie was emotionally wrenching

The movie continued and I was more and more impressed. I would love to give it away but that wouldn't be fair to those who want to see it. But, I will say this.

I haven't seen in a movie in a long while that actually moved me to tears(manly tears, of course).

This movie is a must see, whether you're all alone looking for something to watch or looking for something to watch with mate this movie will have to moved. Its amazing.