Review: WWE Smackdown 1000 Was A Disappointing Show

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WWE celebrated its 1000th episode of Smackdown on Tuesday night and it was kind of a weak show.

Aside from two or three entertaining segments, the show failed to make fans happy thanks to the number of wrestlers that didn’t appear at the event.

The biggest omission is the fact that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was unable to attend or even make a video for the big occasion.

The Rock is the guy that invented the word ‘Smackdown’ and it’s a shame he wasn’t available to celebrate the occasion in person.

The only thing we saw from The Rock is a tweet and that’s about it. Stone Cold Steve Austin was also missing from the show as the only things they showed was archival footage of him.

The only nostalgia act that fans loved was the return of Evolution.

Sure it was great to see Triple H, Randy Orton and Ric Flair, but the main attraction was seeing Batista inside of a WWE ring for the first time in four years.

Batista even teased in a promo a future match between him and Triple H possibly at a WrestleMania event. Batista said that Triple H has yet to beat him one-on-one in a match and this got the crowd excited!

Edge also come back, but he didn’t do much as he was stuck in a segment to further the feud between Becky Lynch and Charlotte.

Vince, Shane and Stephanie McMahon also came back and they only danced at the beginning of the show with Carmella and R-Truth.

We saw matches of AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan vs The Usos and The Bar winning the tag-team titles off of The New Day thanks to ANOTHER heel turn from the Big Show! The main event was a treat because Rey Mysterio returned in awesome fashion to beat Shinsuke Nakamural.

Surprisingly, Smackdown 1000 ended on a whimper with The Undertaker only doing a three word promo saying “Rest in Peace” to DX and that’s it. His entrance was longer than his pointless short promo!

Overall, Smackdown 1000 was such a huge letdown aside from Rey Mysterio and Batista. Everything else on the show was “meh”.

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