Review: 'Titans' Episode 1 Season 1

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Titans has now debuted on the DC Universe streaming app and it's the first live action iteration of the Teen Titans.

The show focuses on Robin, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy at the moment. As of right now, Cyborg is not on the show as he's presumably already in the Justice League in this version of the series.

I've always been a fan of the Teen Titans TV show ever since it first aired on Cartoon Network back in 2003.

The thing that made me like the show was that it was light-hearted and not as serious as some of the other DC cartoons that were made during that time.

I even like Teen Titans Go! even though many people don't like the direction of that series.

As for 'Titans', this show does not feel like the Teen Titans at all. Aside from missing Cyborg, none of the characters on the show feel like their comic book counterparts yet.

Starfire is in Austria for some reason in this first episode and it looks like she does not even know she has superpowers yet.

To make matters even worse, she's already a killer and not the happy character she is in the other iterations of the character.

I won't go over how Starfire looks, but she's not comic book accurate. I'm hoping the character gets better in later episodes because she did not leave a good impression on me in this first episode.

Raven is fine, although some people might say she's a little too young in Titans.

She still has demonic powers, although she does not really do much in the first episode other than running away and crying in fear most of the time. I hope she becomes more sarcastic and sassy in future episodes.

Beast Boy only shows up in the last two minutes of the first episode as he turned into a tiger to steal some video games from the mall.

I cannot really say much about Beast Boy since he did not have much screentime. Let's hope he's humorous, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Probably the best character in Titans right now is Robin/Dick Grayson. In Titans he's a detective in Detroit and he stumbles into Raven.

He only gets to suit up as Robin once in this episode to take out some criminals. He looks cool in the suit, but too bad he only got to do action only once in the first episode.

The only story that will lead into the next episode is finding out who and why some bad guys killed Raven's mother. It's up to Robin to investigate, although things don't look as simple as they may seem.

Anyway, I understand Titans is going for a more serious approach, but every scene in the first episode is literally too dark.

It would have been much better to see if some scenes were brightened up a bit. I also did not really like the blood and gore as it just felt unnecessary.

That being said, I was not bored watching the first episode of Titans.

It makes me want to see the rest of the season, although my expectations have been lowered. I was hoping the series would have had more action, but the first episode didn't show much.

I'm hoping the show gets better once all of the team members are together. At the moment, only Raven and Robin have met since Starfire is in Austria and Beast Boy is by himself in Ohio.

Verdict: 6.5/10

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