Review: One Direction's 'Made in the A.M.' End of an Era, Not The End Forever

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It doesn't matter if One Direction's album, "Made in the A.M." refers to the aftermath of hard year or simply that it was all created in the wee hours of the morning their message is clear.

This is Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne's fifth studio album together in the span of five years.

After losing bandmate, Zayn Malik, back in March the band has been admit that they are not going to be breaking up.

They will be taking a very long hiatus which have left fans and band members into feeling like it's the end of an era.

"Hey Angel," kicks the album out like most of One Direction's pervious albums. It's a big, loud, opener that's certain to grab the listener's attention but will probably get lost by the time you've finished listening through it.

"Drag Me Down" and "Perfect" were released earlier in the year as the singles from the album.

And while the "Drag Me Down" music video was kind of fun the "Perfect" music video gives a masterful sketch of the boys outside of the music. "Infinity" was also introduced to fans early on.

"End of the Day" is such a fun song. It's one that can at first come off as eh, mostly because of the switch in sound between the versus and the chorus but give it to the end and you'll be banging your fists in time with it and scream-singing that chorus.

Plus, it just has those lines that stick into your head for hours after like /Me, her, and the moon./ "If I Could Fly," is the vulnerable song, which they do so well.

The emotion translated in the boys' voices have been known to make the tears well.

"Long Way Down," has a quick series of notes that sound similar to Train's "Drops of Jupiter." However, /We Built a Chapel but never prayed/ and /I tried to forgive you but I don't know how/ just strikes a nerve in you.

And since the tears were already welling, lets let a few shed for that time you thought you had got everything but it was ripped away. As well as, prominent song, writers Payne and Tomlinson, just ended long term relationships.

"Never Enough" is the "Act My Age" of this album. A blend of funky sounds, Uh-Huh's, and a Liam sing-shouting the word never over and over again in his falsetto.

It's the song to put on any time you just feel like crazy dancing in your mirror while no one's watching. Too much is never enough when it comes to this song.

Oh, "Olivia" it's been a favorite since the moment Payne did the DubSmash video clip of the song. Written by Styles and songwriter for the band, Julien, the is the Beatles mixed with Willy Wonka's Imagination and a play on words only Styles would think of as sneaky.

(Olivia = I love you) The sound and whimsical tone reinforces Styles statement that "Olivia" isn't necessarily a person.

"What A Feeling," has it all. It's the perfect either or song.

You can dance to it or space out in bed and concentrate on the meaning behind each lyric.

Simply, it's just better to do both, whichever strikes your fancy. Tomlinson and Payne should be very proud of this song, as it's both musically and lyrically strong.

You should pay attention to the lack of comma in "Love You Goodbye." This is the end of that wild relationship where you fell fast and hard but you're both waking up now. It's time for it to end, but it wouldn't be right if it didn't go out in a blaze of passion. "I Want To Write You A Song," is the only song on the album that didn't have one the boys' working on it.

That being said this song is the biggest "Fuck you," to anyone that didn't think Tomlinson was on vocal par with rest. He sings the chorus with this incredible scratchy voice.

Plus, the lyrics of this song are just so sweet that I can see this being covered. A Lot.

"History," which closes out the album for anyone not listening to the deluxe version. And it fits an ending, especially with the hiatus coming up.

Whether the song is for Malik or the fans, one thing is certain, One Direction isn't ready to let go of it yet.

They just want to live forever. And they probably will no matter if the come pack or go their separate ways after this.

If "Never Enough" is the "Act My Age" of the album then "Temporary Fix" is the "No Control" of the album. The song is a heavy, pounding rock sound to it. Most importantly, it's about sex between booty calls.

"Walking in the Wind," takes a page from "Drag Me Down's" book with an islander sound to the song. The swell of the song and the lyrics pair to make it seem like you're going on a huge adventure in during the chorus.

This is next summer's song, for driving, windows down and this is blasting as you start the next chapter. "Wolves," nothing to say now but it's going to be a more popular song.

"A.M.," is a just as perfect ending to this album as "History" was but with a better line. /We're just swimming in our glass, and talking out of our asses./ This song is the many nights spent laughing about the most inane, unimportant, things with your best friend.

The nights stories are created from. But just like "History," this too is carries the sadness of being left behind.

"Made in the A.M.," understandably, is One Direction's best album. The boys in this band have grown a lot in there fives years together and it's apparent in every song on this album.

Maybe it's simple because it didn't have to fit in a stadium performance, so more of their songs were slowed down.

"Made in the A.M." is an ending and a goodbye of some sorts but it's also a reminder that this is not the end of music for them.

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