Review: Captain Marvel Soars Into Cinemas

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It has been over ten years since the MCU started in 2008, but we finally have a movie with a female lead character. Captain Marvel stars Brie Larson in the title role and Marvel has made yet another entertaining film.

Captain Marvel is somewhat a traditional origin story because we see how Captain Marvel gets her powers and how she becomes the powerful hero we see today.

That said, the movie is told in several different parts since the character loses her memory and she has to figure out who she really is.

What I like most about Captain Marvel is the fact that it's not a very predictable movie as I thought. There is a huge twist in the middle of the movie that changes the way you think of the villains.

At the start of the movie, I thought the movie was predictable as Ben Mendelsohn plays Talos like many of his other villain roles.

As the movie progresses though, we learn more about Talos and he's a more complex character that initially thought.

Another character that goes through a major change in the film is Yon-Rogg played by Jude Law. He plays Carol Danver's mentor throughout the film, but we see a different side to the character once the movie reaches its climax.

In terms of Brie Larson, she's not as charismatic as Gal Gadot was in Wonder Woman, but she still does a decent job of playing Captain Marvel.

She's funny when she needs to be, but she's also a total badass by the end of the film.

However, probably my favorite characters in the entire movie is Samuel L Jackson playing a young Nick Fury as well as Goose the cat.

These two were funny as hell throughout the entire film and I'm sure most other fans will love both of them.

Captain Marvel is also entertaining because there's no shortage of lots of CGI action and funny comedy parts.

The only time the movie slows down is during the middle of the film, but things pick up in a big way thanks to the epic climax.

However, some people may find issues with Captain Marvel because she's an overpowered character. I would like to have seen a tougher enemy in a potential sequel because Captain Marvel easily destroys everyone in her debut movie.

That being said, the action is awesome because it feels like a mix between a Star Wars and Superman movie at times.

Sure the CGI may not be perfect all of the time, but the action sequences are still fun to watch.

Anyway, Captain Marvel is once again a fun movie from Marvel Studios featuring a likable cast and awesome action scenes. The movie might be slow at the start, but the film picks up and becomes awesome towards the end.

If you love other superhero origin films, you'll love watching Captain Marvel. The only type of people that may not like this film are those who are probably sick of comic book movies already.

Verdict: 4.0/5.0 stars

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