Reporting Fail: Reporter Asks Kyrie Irving If Lebron James Is A Father Figure To The Team

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Ever so often you will come across a question that immediately makes you send your palm to your face.

During an open press interview, Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving was ask if his teammate Lebron James is a father figure to him and the team.

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The press interview was labeled as Irving's injury status during it's airing on ESPN's Sportscenter but the question completely derailed from his injury and turned into something baffling. Irving himself appeared to be confused by the question at first and reacted as if he interpreted the question wrong.

However, the reporter continued to clarify the fact that she was referring to James as a father figure to he and his teammates.

"What type of parental role has he played for you and your team," asked the reporter, "Oh..okay alright...," replied Irving in complete amazement.

As he answers you can hear another voice telling him that he was right the first time almost laughing while he confirms it.

"Parental role? Honestly I don't really know how to answer that question," said Irving trying to hold back the laughter. "He's been a great leader for us, I have one father."

Irving made it a point to note that there is only one father in his life and the fact that 23-year-old Irving would be asked if 30-year-old James is a father figure is bewildering.

The Cavs are set to play the Atlanta Hawks in game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Wednesday May 20.

Watch the reporting fail below.