Recap: Amazing Race All-Stars Finale - Winners Win In Style

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Well it was an interesting finale on the Amazing Race and records were shattered along with it.

I think I can join in with the rest of America routing that the 'Brenchels' would come in third. And, thank god, they did.

They just come across as selfish and deceitful and whereas it does make for good television, in no way should that mean that they win money for it.

Luckily for everyone, the most deserving team crossed the finish line in major style. Not only was there no big mental challenge road block, but the winning team actually parachuted into the finish line (or at least one member did).

The editors made it a close one, but father and son team Dave and Connor won the Amazing Race. Dave, the father, was the oldest competitor to win, and they were also the first parent/child team ever to win.

They were in a previous season of the Amazing Race and Dave injured himself, so it was great to see the team come back and win the million dollars.

The country singers Caroline & Jen also ran a great race and were only minutes behind Dave & Connor. They ran a clean race and even had a very cute moment with master magician David Copperfield. All in all, this was a pretty solid finale, but because there was no mental test, it seemed like any other episode.

The real excitement in the finale was the fact that America's most hated team, Brendan and Rachel, came in last. And not only did they come in last, but they used there unborn (and un-conceived) baby to try and weasel their way in to another teams cab.

So who win's cabbie of the year? The country singers cab driver who turned them down after a lot of sad and pathetic begging. Give that man a big tip!

So congratulations to Dave & Connor, who came back in win the Amazing Race by doing all the right things and treating people with fairness and respect. Sometimes reality shows end the right way.