Real Throwback Thursday: 'Man Catches 550 Lb. Fish' V.S. 'Hey Arnold' 'Big Caeser' Episode

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Most adults between ages 20-24 probably remember how awesome the Nickelodeon show "Hey Arnold" was especially episodes like "Big Caesar," now it looks like one man may have caught a real life Big Caeser with 550 lb. monster.

(Videos Below)

"A man from Cape Coral has reportedly caught the largest 'bottom fish' ever from a kayak in Sanibel," according to FOX 17 Online.

"According to the video description provided by Chew On This, the man in the kayak is Jon Black from the Crazy Lure Tackle Shop.

The fish, a giant grouper, measured in at 83 inches long, over 73 inches in girth, and weighing an estimated 552 pounds."

This immediately sounds like something right out "Hey Arnold's" "Big Caesar" episode where Arnold'a grandfather spoke about a legendary fish he once caught but had to let go. Arnold then set out on a mission of his own alongside his trustee wing-man Gerald to catch Big Caesar during a fishing competition. The similarities between the fish caught in real life and Big Caesar might also be pretty striking for those who remember the episode.

Looks like "Hey Arnold" predicted this catch before it even happened. Wait until Nickelodeon gets a hold of this one. Check out the comparison below and let us know which one you think was the better catch.

Man Catches 550 Lb Fish In Florida

"Hey Arnold": "Big Caesar"