Raury's 'Forbidden Knowledge' Ft. Big K.R.I.T. Tops Billboard's Emerging Artists Chart

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From his Indigo Child EP, fans realized that Raury is a special kind of talent.

In his newest track "Forbidden Knowledge" featuring Big K.R.I.T., Raury continues to confirm that notion as the track has topped Billboard's Emerging Artists Chart.

Raury is an Indie artist with a mind set on inspiring thought in his music. In "Forbidden Knowledge," Raury continues to inspire by pointing out all of the ways in which "Forbidden Knowledge" can destroy the world.

Raury does appear to believe that all of the technological advancements we have in today's world is a result of a other worldly beings.

He makes it very clear that he doesn't think we're alone in the universe. "Forbidden Knowledge" is the third single off the upcoming debut album, All We Need and is currently holding the number one the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart.

All We Need 10/16/15

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The track does have a out-space vibe with many key tones that resemble that of Kid Cudi's projects that were based around the the idea of outer space and being different from everyone else. Meanwhile, Big K.R.I.T. adds a hip-hop twist as he raps about moving away from technology and opening up a book to enrich the young minds. He points out that instead of flexing on Instagram with photos and concentrating on everything they read on the Internet, they should invest some time in an actual book.

Raury is all about individuality and it shows in his music. He doesn't really care about the mainstream side of things, but rather, concentrates his focus on spirituality and the deeper meaning of life.

His music is a combination of the alternative, folk and hip-hop genres giving it a unique style that is quite pleasing to the ears.

Raury's debut album All We Need is scheduled to be released on Friday, October 16. The album will also feature "Devil's Whisper" and "Friends."